Almost every test playing nation has its own twenty 20 league inspired by IPL. They also hire overseas talent and make their twenty 20 league glamourous and colourful. Then also IPL is most watched cricket league in the world. What is the reason for that? The reason for that is the uniqueness of IPL. IPL is more successful than other leagues because of its unique points which other leagues lack. The biggest unique selling point of IPL is money. Other leagues are also paying money to players but nowhere equal to IPL. Apart from money, there are other unique selling points as well which makes IPL better than all other leagues in the world.

Theme Song

Every year broadcasters make one theme song based on IPL to start the new season. No other league in the world does that. In 2008, before the first season, IPL was considered as Karmayudh. So the very first theme song was ‘Na Desh yudh, na dharma yudh, yeh hai dharti par karmayudh.’ It means it is neither a country war nor a religion war, IPL is the war of Karma. Then in the third season, IPL was welcomed back in the country with ‘Laut Aaya’ theme song. Then there was ‘jumping japak’ theme song during one of the seasons of IPL.

India’s top musicians and singers work on the theme song of the IPL and India’s top art directors work on the video of the theme song. The theme song has become the part of the package. It makes viewers eager for the season. No other country work on the theme song of its twenty 20 league every year.

Opening Ceremony

Every IPL season kicks off with the grand opening ceremony. Every year opening ceremony is organised on the home ground of the winning team of last season. Biggest stars of Indian film industry perform in that opening ceremony. Apart from film stars, other artists also perform their acts during the opening ceremony of IPL. During the opening ceremony, the stadium is decorated in the most artistic manner. The whole ground is covered with different artistic things.

Every year during the opening ceremony, the defending captain bring the trophy and announce the beginning of the tournament. All the captains sign the agreement of spirit of cricket in style. Every year, different objects and tools are used to make the whole thing look beautiful and artistic. Unfortunately, no other cricket board work on the opening ceremony every year and those who do, they don’t match the standards of IPL. Every year opening ceremony of IPL leaves viewers in awe.


During the whole season of IPL, broadcaster launch pre, mid and post match show. Broadcaster of each and every cricket league do that but here in India, it is done on the next level. In the pre, mid and post match show, only cricket is not discussed. A lot of activities are carried out in that pre, mid and post match show. The studios are decorated in such a way that it looks like a dream. In that studio, there is dance, music and fun. Film stars add glamour in those shows. Moreover, use of technology and in-house activities makes it interesting and enjoyable. All this fun and enjoyment is not there in the shows of other countries or other twenty 20 leagues.


To make the pre, mid and post show presentable, broadcaster hire talented and good looking hosts of the country to run the show. Those talented and good looking hosts give life to the show.

Since 2008, the broadcaster has hired different hosts to make the show watchable and enjoyable. One of those presenters has become the unique selling point of IPL. The name of that host is Gaurav Kapur. He has been the host of the pre, mid and post match show since 2008. He started hosting the IPL as the bearded face of IPL. Then slowly and gradually he removed his sharp beard and started tickling viewers with his sharp skills. His wit, presence of mind, presentation skill and sense of humour makes him unique. In the ten years of IPL, Gaurav Kapur has won the hearts of people by bringing smile on their face with his skills. He is the best cricket anchor in this country (or maybe in the world). IPL is unimaginable without Gaurav Kapur.


The kind of awards IPL give to players, I don’t think any other twenty 20 league gives these many awards to players. IPL encourage every department and every effort of the player with these awards. At the end of every single match, IPL gives a reward to the best fielder, stylish player, a player who hit maximum sixes, a player who changes the game with his innovative and smart thinking and the man of the match. While other twenty 20 leagues give only man of the match. At the end of the IPL, highest run scorer gets orange cap and highest wicket-taker get the purple cap. IPL also rewards and highlights the most promising youngster. No other twenty 20 league gives this kind of encouragement to the players.

Emotions of film stars

Film stars have their own teams in IPL. So they are often seen supporting and cheering for their team on the ground. They visit the ground with their family or their loved ones. And they show full emotions on the ground. They jump in happiness when their team win and they show their disappointment when their team loose. Fans enjoy seeing that. All other twenty 20 leagues lack this USP.

When Shahrukh Khan cheers for his team KKR with Abram, people go gaga over him. When Preity Zinta smiles and shows her excitement, people leave everything aside and concentrate only on the match. Apart from Preity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan, Other film stars who are passionate about the game have also shown their support for the different teams. Once Gerard Butler was seen in one of the twenty 20 leagues but that happened only once or twice. While in IPL, stars are seen on regular basis.

These are the unique points which give IPL edge over other twenty 20 leagues around the globe.

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