For the success of a tournament related to any game, the administration needs certain factors. If all the factors work in administration’s favour and all the moves fall in place then the tournament gets success but to make the tournament super successful, the administration an x-factor. And there is not one X-factor for the super success of IPL. There are many.

X-factors of IPL

The biggest X-factor of IPL is that it is played in India. Cricket is not just a game in India, it is a religion. People of this country are emotionally attached with the game. Cricket is an emotion in this country. The discussion of two men doesn’t end until they discuss cricket. People worship cricketers in this country. Fans in other countries do strip run during the cricket match. While in India, fans come on the ground during the match, touch the feet of their cricketer whom idolize and are taken away by the security guards. Even though they are abused and pushed by the security, they smile because they feel happy that they got the chance to meet and touch the feet of their favourite cricketer.

During the world cup games, special pooja and havan (prayer) are organised for the victory of team India. During that havan (prayer), players are worshiped as gods. The kind of fanatism cricket enjoys in India is incredible. Players of foreign countries are amazed by such fanatism. And IPL is played in such cricket crazy nation. Isn’t it an x-factor for the tournament?

Among other x-factors, IPL brings actors on the cricket field. Anchoring of Gaurav Kapur. His anchoring takes IPL to the next level. The success of franchises also contributes in the success of IPL. The competitiveness among franchises is such that it holds the fans till the end.

Seeing the popularity and the success of IPL, champions league twenty 20 was launched. In this league, the winning teams of the twenty 20 leagues around the world competed against each other. It was again copied yet unique concept in the game of cricket. The launch of champions league twenty 20 was equal to the launch of IPL but it didn’t get the success like IPL thus it was scrapped. Champions league twenty 20 lacked most of the x-factors which IPL possess.

X-factor of franchises

Rajasthan Royals (one-time winner)

The Rajasthan Royals which won the first season of the IPL had the x-factor of youngsters. Shane Warne with a bunch of youngsters won the trophy. All the youngsters in that team had to prove themselves. And they did that in style. To win the tournament, they won against the strongest teams on the paper. On paper, Rajasthan Royals was the weakest team. All other teams were stronger than Rajasthan Royals. Shane Warne knew how to use the strength of youngsters. He used all his experience to bring out the best out of those youngsters. He did that and won the first ever IPL. Fans loved that x-factor of RR and it added to the success of IPL.

Kolkata Knight Riders (two times winner)

Kolkata Knight Riders was having the tough luck and didn’t win the IPL until Gambhir became the captain. Gambhir has a great cricketing mind. Despite his slow technique, he has most fifties in IPL. Giving the reigns in the hands of Gambhir proved to be the x-factor for Kolkata Knight Riders. Along with Gambhir, Narine was also the x-factor for KKR. Gambhir as a captain used Narine and other troops really well. He won the IPL for Kolkata Knight Riders for two times. Both the times, Gambhir made felt his presence. It was not all other players were doing everything. Gambhir was performing with the bat and using the talent of other players to the good effect. Moreover, who doesn’t like Shahrukh Khan wins the IPL?

Chennai Super Kings (two times winner)

Dhoni has won the IPL twice. Here, I mentioned Dhoni, not Chennai Super Kings because Dhoni is the x-factor of Chennai Super Kings. One can’t imagine Chennai Super Kings without Dhoni. Every season Chennai Super Kings is built around Dhoni. Dhoni picks up those bunch of guys and takes them to the IPL victory. He has taken the Chennai Super Kings side to the victory twice. Dhoni is a gambler and back his instincts. Dhoni’s gambling has worked more often than not. Dhoni has taken Chennai Super Kings (and even Rising Pune Supergiant) to semi-finals or playoff stage in almost every season of IPL. Dhoni is the x-factor of IPL as a whole.

Mumbai Indians (three times winner)

Mumbai Indians has been the most successful team in this decade of IPL. MI have won the IPL thrice. MI’s luck changed with the change of captain. Captaincy changed the career of Rohit Sharma completely. With the responsibility, Rohit Sharma matured as a batsman. Along with Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians had Pollard and Malinga among the other x-factors. The God of cricket also has been with Mumbai Indians. So it is bound to be the most successful franchise of IPL. With the passage of time, MI also got the likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Hardik Pandya who contributed a lot to the success of MI with their x-factor. Rohit Sharma the captain has used all those x-factors really well to make the Mumbai Indians most successful team in IPL. And the success of MI has contributed to the success of IPL.

Without these x-factors, IPL wouldn’t have been a super successful tournament. Like champions league twenty 20, IPL would have also been scrapped. The x-factors have kept the tournament alive and how! The whole world wants to be part of this successful tournament.

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