Yeti is an abominable snowman. He is a big, covered in hair, strong and is an ape-like entity. He is taller than an average human and is said to be found in the Himalayas. Thus, he is also known as himamanav. Normal human being can’t be like yeti. No matter how hard one try, one can’t be big and strong like yeti.

In this decade since 2008, IPL has emerged to be the Yeti in the world of cricket. The only difference is that yeti lives in the Himalayas and is rarely found and IPL is being followed worldwide and can be found anywhere and everywhere in the world. A lot of similarities can be found between yeti and IPL.

In 2008, a yeti in the world of cricket was born. Since 2008, it is growing and with every passing year, it is getting stronger and stronger. In these ten years, he has become so big and strong (in the world of cricket) that it has become difficult to come even near him. It has made cricket one of the popular sports in the world.

Due to IPL, the game cricket has seen a rise in the popularity. It is one of the reasons for giving a window to IPL. IPL is the only tournament to be given special window by ICC. The allotment of the special window has upset other cricket boards of the world. They have tried hard to stop IPL from getting success but they were not even successful in stopping their players from participating in the IPL.

Efforts by cricket boards to stop IPL

Cricket boards around the world have stopped their players from participating in IPL. Some countries have never taken objection against it but some countries have raised some serious issues. West Indian players union and West Indies cricket board always had clashes. Thus, West Indian players have always chosen IPL over the country. England and wells cricket board was also reluctant to send the players for IPL. English players even missed first few seasons of IPL. Players revolted against it and the board was left with no other option than allowing players to participate in the tournament. The success, money and popularity of IPL pushed ECB to take that decision.

Even Cricket Australia has also tried to stop its players from participating in IPL but players union have never agreed to any deal, offer or condition (from cricket Australia) which stop players from participating in the world’s best twenty 20 league. Cricket South Africa have always given green signal to its players. Sri Lankan cricket board’s domestic tournament clashes with IPL but what they pay to their players is nothing in front of the IPL. It was IPL which came to the Sri Lankan players’ rescue when there was the financial crisis in Sri Lankan cricket. Apart from stopping their players, cricket boards of other countries have revolted the against the ICC’s decision of giving a special window to IPL. They have asked for the window for their twenty 20 league as well but the popularity of their twenty 20 tournament is nowhere near to the IPL.

Cricket boards around the world have tried everything to stop the IPL but IPL has got bigger and stronger. Cricket boards of some countries even started their own league copying IPL’s concept but they never got IPL like success. In ten years, IPL has become so big that IPL franchises are helping other countries in setting up a twenty 20 league. (Indian franchises have bought the teams in the twenty 20 leagues of West Indies and South Africa).

Efforts by ex-cricketers to stop IPL

In this decade, even former cricketers have had raised the banners against IPL. The biggest revolt has been carried out by a former Indian cricketer Kirti Azad. Kirti Azad was on Dharna against IPL in 2012. He went on a hunger strike against IPL. He demanded IPL to be scrapped as he believed that IPL is just about money and corruption, it is not about cricket. According to him, youngsters want to play in IPL, not for the nation. He also demanded transparency in IPL. It didn’t last long but it was in the headlines for quite a few days. Apart from Kirti Azad, Bishan Singh Bedi is also against the IPL. According to him, twenty 20 cricket is destroying the technical part of the game.

Among foreign ex-cricketers, Michael Holding has spoken fearlessly. According to him, IPL has created disquiet in the world. In one of his interviews, he said that it is not benefiting any other country except India. Rather, IPL is creating differences between the players and the cricket board. West Indian players chosen IPL over country and Holding was upset about it. West Indies cricket board didn’t value big players like Gayle, Pollard and Bravo. Thus, they chose to play in IPL over the West Indies. According to Holding, the kind of money IPL is giving to the players for six week’s job, every player is going to choose IPL over the nation. He was interviewed even before one of the IPL matches and in that interview as well he expressed similar thoughts on IPL.

All these former players had valid points against IPL and they were right in their own way but the stature of the tournament is so big that these players were not even seen or heard anywhere. Strong criticism was never going to be enough to stop IPL but even hunger strike was not able to stop IPL. Imagine, the strength and power of the tournament! Former players did whatever they can to stop IPL but they were unsuccessful in front of the success of the league.

No matter it is fixed, corrupt or destroying the technical aspect of the game, it is a strong and powerful tournament which no one can destroy. It has gained the faith of players and support of ICC. And with these things, one cannot harm the league anyway. Surely, IPL is a Yeti in the world of cricket.

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