IPL begins in April. And with IPL, cricket’s biggest carnival in the world begins. It starts in April and ends in May. It is played over a period of six to seven weeks. Every year since 2008, IPL bring energy with itself which lasts over the period of six or seven weeks. The energy which IPL brings with itself is cheerful. It gives fans a chance to celebrate life with cricket. Not only fans, even cricketers bring their energy to IPL. When the energies of players and fans meet during the IPL, magic happens. The combination of the energies is one of the reasons for IPL’s success. Let’s analyze, how zestful fans and players create magic in IPL.

Zestful fans

There are two types of fans. One, who are excited about IPL and others are those who simply watch IPL for entertainment. Imagine a person coming home after a stressful day and he or she comes home and watch IPL to remove the stress of the day. That kind of people comes under the category of fans who watch IPL for entertainment. IPL help such people to get over the stress and have some joyful moments. For six weeks, this kind of people goes to bed with a smile on their face. The biggest reason for watching IPL is the entertainment which they get in form of fours, sixes, dances and watching their favourite stars (of both fields cricket and film industry) in action.

The other category of friends are very excited kind of people. They love IPL and eagerly wait for it. And as the IPL starts, their celebration starts. They watch the matches in the stadium, in cafes and in bars. Not only they follow the tournament, they celebrate each and every match in style. They organise and attend house parties. For six weeks, they leave everything else and focus only on IPL. Their craze and the energy lifts the IPL up. Cafes, bars and restaurants as well install the projectors during that period. Even if they are not partying then also they stay glued in front of T.V and enjoy every single ball of every single match during the IPL. The excitement and energy of such fans do not go down at all.

IPL is a family tournament. It unites family and friends. Boys and girls, men and women watch it together. Girls (who are not interested in cricket) love to see Shahrukh Khan and other stars on regular basis. While boys enjoy cricket. Thus, IPL is a win-win situation for all. The craze of fans for IPL is such that every year, during the last phase of IPL, they start thinking, “what will we do after IPL?” End of IPL makes their life empty for some time. After every season, they miss IPL for some time. Then they move on and start focusing on other things in life and wait for the next season of IPL. This cycle is repeated every year.

Zestful players

Three types of players play in IPL. Foreign players, uncapped Indian players and capped Indian players. Uncapped Indian players try to prove themselves and try to get into the Indian side through IPL. They come into the IPL with youthful energy and give their hundred percent on the field. They try to light up the tournament with that energy. Indian capped players bring their experience and self-belief into the IPL. Players who are in the Indian team lead by the example and show why they are in the Indian side. Players who have been dropped, play the tournament with self-belief and experience. They try hard to make comeback into the Indian side. Foreign players (both capped and uncapped) bring their own excitement and energy to the tournament.

IPL is a long tournament. And despite their busy schedule, foreign players come to India and play in the IPL. Every team in IPL plays against all other teams twice. Teams travel around the country in the period of six weeks and every team plays at least fourteen matches. While playing these fourteen matches around the country, the risk of getting injured is very high. Despite that risk, every player gives his hundred percent on the field. Franchises create soothing atmosphere in the camp to get these energies of the Indian and foreign players together. They try to win the IPL by doing that.

When the energies of players and fans come together, it makes IPL super successful. Players get a huge amount of money for bringing their energy in the tournament and fans do it for their love towards the game. In return, IPL gives its fans the moments to cherish. Even if it is fixed, one can’t deny the zest it brings with itself. IPL keep fans on their feet and full marks to IPL for that. Hopefully, it will continue to do it in the years to come.

Only time will decide the future of IPL. As everything in this world, IPL also has two sides. Good side as well as the bad side. As a viewer or a fan, you have to decide which side of IPL would you like to accept.

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