The color love is a book with different types of love stories. The book contains five short stories of love. So, you can say it is a short book of short stories. Rashi Roy (who is the author of this book) has written a book in Hindi before writing this book.

When it comes to love, we get fascinated by it when we are young, studying in school and college but when reality and society punch in your face then you go through that emotional trauma and make yourself strong. This book depicts both of these phases. The color love starts with ‘first meeting’ (it is a name of first short story) which is about the fascination of youth. It is followed by ‘not again’ (second short story) which is about the reality one faces after getting mature.

After reading two stories, I felt it is heading in an interesting manner showing the different stages of love along with the practicality of life. The third short story carried the pattern forward. The third story depicted a scene where you get married to someone else, not the love of your life due to societal pressures. It takes a turn with an event and teaches an important lesson.

After that, the fourth story was out of the pattern. Honestly, I was expecting something in that pattern. It is about separation due to death. The story is nicely written but if it would have followed the pattern then it would have been better.

The fifth and the last story is about mid-life crisis and it is following that pattern in which first three stories are written. It would have been coming of age book if fourth story has followed that pattern.

If I keep fourth story aside for the moment then the book will give you the feeling that you are time travelling, witnessing the different phases of life with different characters.

Overall, it is a short book of 43 pages with the connecting stories. The language is simple which will help you in finishing the book in one go. You can grab your copy here.

I wish Rashi all the best for this book and future endeavours.

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