‘It says love’ by Kadambari Singh is a book full of love quotes. This is Kadambari’s third book. Two books before this were also of the same genre. It says love has 50 odd love quotes in it. It will take around half an hour to read all of them.

The book has quotes for almost all types of love. The writer has written quotes for couples, family, mothers and sons, stalkers and one-sided lovers. In some quotes, the writer has made rhymes with objects. She has made quotes of first meeting by connecting them with objects like cake and chocolate.

My favourite quote from the book is

People may not say when they like you. But you know, they will constantly stalk you.

In short, it is (very) short and sweet book with so many connecting love quotes and it will hardly take half an hour to finish the book. I have one question from a writer.

The writer mentions in the beginning that she wants to make a coffee table book out of it. If the plan is of making coffee table book then why ebook?

You can grab your copy here.

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