First rain brings the aroma of soil. The earthly fragrance satisfies the soul. It brings freshness in life after months of scorching heat. All this is about the first rain of the season. From the second rain onwards, we start getting a different kind of aroma. And that aroma is of food. There is a special connection between rains and fried food. The moment it starts raining, we start craving for fried food and tea. In monsoon, along with earthly fragrance, the fried food satisfies the soul. So here are five delicacies which we crave for in monsoon.

1. Pakoda or bhajiya

When besan or gram flour goes in the hot oil during monsoon, it produces the aroma which is as good as an earthly fragrance. The aroma wakes the taste buds up and pulls us towards the store to buy pakodas or bhajiyas. Pakodas are of various types. And the tastes of different types differ as different things get fried in hot oil with gram flour. In some parts and communities of this country pakodas or bhajiyas are like national food. They come by default with rains and they taste great along with tea. So it is a must-have delicacy in monsoon.



2. Vadapav

Vadapav is also like a national food in some parts of this country. The vadas in pav or bread are fried in besan or gram flour. So here is the connection again between fried food and rains. Vadas in vadapav are made of potatoes. When vadas go in slightly fried bread along with the spices, it satisfies taste buds and rains add more taste to it. Apart from vadapav, daalvadas also satisfy taste buds in monsoon. People stand in the queues to get daalvadas in rain. Daalvadas can also be enjoyed with pav. So vadapav is also one of the must-have delicacies in monsoon.

3. Samosa

Samosa is another fried delicacy. It is made of maida or wheat flour and mixture of potatoes and other vegetables. It is the aroma of samosa which brings water into our mouth. Samosa produces mouth-watering aroma even after it is prepared and that aroma pulls us towards it. During monsoon, when water is pouring down from the sky, maker pours chutney on the hot crushed samosa. The chutney on the hot crushed samosa makes it a craving during monsoon. When you take the bite of that crunchy samosa while enjoying the rain, it gives you happiness which you won’t get from anything else. And that makes samosa a must-have delicacy during monsoon.


4. Aloo tikki chaat

When tikkis made of potatoes are crushed and maker pours chutney on it, the chaat creates same cravings as of samosa. Where samosa is deep fried, aloo tikkis are not deep fried. They come out of oil as soon as they are brown. Thus, aloo tikkis are crispy and not crunchy like samosa. In gloomy weather, crispy aloo tikki with chutney fills the tummy and the purpose of having something delicious in monsoon. Aloo tikki chaat is a must-have delicacy in monsoon because it keeps the connection of monsoon and fried food intact and it’s taste give utmost satisfaction.

5. Corn

Corn is the only food which is not fried and is enjoyed during the monsoon. It can be consumed in more than hundred way during monsoon. Mostly, people enjoy it as a bhutta. Bhutta is basically a roasted corn on the cob. People have it by applying lemon on it. Apart from bhutta, it is consumed in numerous number of ways. People boil it and have it, makes the salad of it, it is used in the main course by putting in a gravy, it is used in fried food as well. So corn is the multipurpose food which is used in a lot of delicacies during the monsoon. The best way to have it is on the cob roasted or boiled, under the open sky and fresh air or while enjoying the rain.

While enjoying the food during monsoon, make sure that your surroundings are clean. Don’t throw waste on the road or the beach. Use the dustbin around you and avoid plastic.

I would like to thank Uttara Singh for sharing Chai, Pakoras and musings.

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34 thoughts on “5 delicacies to have in monsoon”

  1. Monsoon is my favourite season because of rain and off course because of the yummy food dishes which we can enjoy in this season . And all these 5 delicious food are my weakness specially samosa, corn and bhajiya. I already started craving for it ๐Ÿ™ˆ
    Will gonna make one for me tomm ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. And youโ€™ve successfully made my mouth water! What an extensively monsoon must have list! Samosas are my favourite, well they are favourite any day ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜œ

  3. Dude what a mouth-watering post :p
    I could literally feel the someoneโ€™s making hot pakoras and vadapav here ๐Ÿ™‚
    I mean it, I have been wanting to have the hot vadapav but hate outside unhygienic food. I will make it for sure. Loved this post :p
    P.s. Corn is my weakness ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Mission accomplished. If you feel like someone’s making hot vadapav then my mission of writing this post is accomplished.

  4. Very well written! I love the monsoon season , thankfully in Mumbai it stretches for almost 4 months . My all time favorite is vada pav it tastes even better in monsoon!

    1. first, these are not tips. these are delicacies which are must have in monsoon. It shows ho much you have read the post.

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