I came to know about Dr. Amrita Misra on Twitter as one of my friends often used to re-tweet her tweets. I read her posts and came to know about her blog ‘Health wealth bridge’. As the name suggests, I read health-related articles on her blog. And as a doctor, she provides some useful tips to stay healthy through her blog. She used to organise linky party as well. Linky party is a virtual party for blogs where bloggers link up their posts written on one theme and one blog post wins it in the end. Dr. Amrita used to organise linky party every Thursday on her blog and used to give away one prize at the end of it.

I mentioned the author’s blog and linky party because the book revolves around her blog. In 7 blogging challenges for a successful blog, she has mentioned the challenges which helped her blog to get success. She has written her blogging journey in the book through the challenges which she took when her blog was new.

Why she took those challenges? What was her feeling during those challenges? And what she got through those challenges? She has mentioned everything in this book. She has mentioned the importance of every challenge in the book.

If you are an aspiring blogger or a new blogger then this book is a must read for you. This book has some facts about new blogs which will make you serious about blogging. And if you are blogging for a while now, then it will inspire you to work harder. It will inspire you to take bigger challenges and go big.

As a blogger, I would love to re-read this book when I am down, demotivated or having a block. I will give four stars out of five to ‘7 blogging challenges for a successful blog’ by Dr. Amrita Misra.

You can grab your copy here.

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