Monsoon brings a smile on everyone’s face by giving the relief from the scorching heat of the summer. Monsoon also lures us towards fried food. As much as fried food tempt you, it also gives an invitation to diseases. Along with fried food, taking a bath in rains can make you ill. And as the diseases spread in air, you also tend to pick them up from your colleagues, friends and family. Monsoon is the season which spreads joy, so it is important that you enjoy. And to enjoy the whole season, you have to keep few basic things in mind which will keep you fit and healthy throughout the season.

1. Avoid Street food

As I mentioned, monsoon lures us towards the fried food. And fried food is produced in almost every street but the biggest question is, is it good enough? The answer is NO. I think street food is the biggest promoter of viral infections and cough. And these diseases don’t let you enjoy the monsoon. So it is better that you avoid street food. Enjoy fried food as it is one of the ways to enjoy the season but make sure it is hygienic and qualitywise good. A lot of popular food chains and restaurants offer fried food with the assurance of quality and hygiene. If not food chains or restaurants then there would be at least one famous shop (who had made its name on the basis of quality) selling fried food in your area. Enjoy fried food at that shop or in food chains or restaurants but not on streets.

2. Get rid of wet clothes and stored water asap

If you are like me who never takes raincoat or umbrella to work in monsoon then you are bound to get wet thrice a week. You are going to get wet either while going to work or while coming back from work. If you get wet while going to work in morning then remove your shoes and socks as soon as you reach the office and keep one extra pair in your bag to change it in office. If you get wet while coming back home from work then the first thing you should do after reaching home, change your clothes. You can avoid cough, cold and fever by getting rid of wet clothes. Apart from that, throw water lodging objects out of your house. Old Tyres, broken buckets, old damaged tanks etc store rainwater which invites mosquitoes and other insects. And they spread diseases like malaria. So, to keep yourself away from those diseases, throw such things out of your house.

3. Avoid overcrowded places

There are diseases which spread through air. So if you commute via train or bus or work in one of the busiest markets of your city then it can cause some problems to your health during the monsoon. A person sitting next to you in train or bus could be suffering cold, cough or viral fever. And that person may transfer those diseases to you. If you are working in the busiest market in your city or you often visit there. You could be noticing that people spit, throw trash in open there and wet surface mix with them quite well and gives an open invitation to bees and insects in monsoon. Unfortunately, in this country, people don’t understand that spitting in open is like giving the opportunity to those blood-sucking creatures to put the base of some dangerous diseases in the body. So, avoid such overcrowded places during monsoon.

4. Exercise indoor

In any season, exercise is important. Exercise improves the fitness. Fitness increases the immunity. And immunity fights with diseases. Immunity is gained through regular exercise. You must enjoy exercise as much as you enjoy fried food in monsoon. During monsoon, outdoor exercise becomes difficult. So join the gym or grab the mat to exercise indoors. There are a lot tutorials available on the internet to tell you which exercise is good for which body part. So if there is heavy rain outside and you can’t even go to the gym then exercise at home with the help of those tutorials.

5. Eat and drink healthy

Yes, monsoon and fried food have special connection but you can’t have fried food all the time during monsoon. You need a balance between the fried food and healthy food. It can be a healthy drink as well. In my recommendation, wellness infusion tea will bring that balance. TE-A-Me Teas has a great range of wellness infusion teas. They have two flavours in the range and they are Cardamom Tumeric and Ginger Tulsi Honey. Cardamom Turmeric detox you with this blend of turmeric and Indian spices. It is a perfect wellness infusion tea to flush out toxins and sustain life’s majestic flow. And with Ginger Tulsi Honey, you will be charged up by having the blend of ginger, Tulsi and honey. This wellness infusion tea is beneficial for cold and flu, digestion and sore throat. Te-a-me Teas’ wellness infusion tea range can bring perfect balance in your diet during monsoon. You can check out and buy wellness infusion tea range by Te-a-me teas by clicking here.

This post is a part of Monsoon Carnival hosted by Sayeri from and Jhilmil from and sponsored by TE-A-Me. I would like to thank hosts and sponsors for organising this fun carnival and allowing me to take part in this.
I hope you enjoyed the read. Thank You!

36 thoughts on “Monsoon Carnival: 5 basic ways to keep yourself fit and healthy during monsoon”

  1. Monsoon is the time to enjoy Mother Nature but with extra caution. You pointed out very important and useful points.

  2. Much needed tips for me. I also try to follow these things. Eating healthy should be the mantra. And wellness infusion tea will keep you hydrated as well.

    1. I Feel hydration is required during summer. During monsoon, all the fitness products bring the balance in life.

    1. Yes, all the delicacies you enjoy on the streets can make at home and enjoy without worrying about anything.

  3. Eating healthy and working out indoors are essential in monsoons. We usually use rains as an excuse to binge and get lazy. These are some good tips, Paresh.

  4. love the way you start the post. great tips on monsoon, I will follow and even keep my family safe from diseases and germs

  5. Oh Paresh. I am reading this blog while contemplating if I should order some chaat off any of these delivery apps. Monsoon sure makes one crave for a lot of street food.

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