After reading the blogging journey and an instant version of the Bhagavad Gita, finally, I read a fiction. Fiction is amazing, you can tell your stories through imaginary characters. Fiction has its drawbacks as well. People judge the writer after reading the story. So writing a fiction on anyone’s life needs guts. It is a gutsy job. Celebrities and famous personalities often say after writing the autobiography, “you can’t write everything.” It is true because when you are writing autobiography you always think what people will think about me? So one never writes everything in the autobiography. Moreover, it is not possible to write each and every experience of life in 250 to 300 page book. While in fiction, you can do it in parts and through different characters.

Ria’s diary is one such story. The writer has written this book on a real-life story of her friend. She hasn’t mentioned the name of that friend but she has told her story through imaginary characters. It is obvious that Ria’s Diary revolves around one girl named Ria. It is about how a girl fights her way through the odds of life. The story begins with Ria’s childhood and life was not fair to Ria since her childhood. Life always knocks Ria down with some or the other problem at different stages of her age but she never gives up and always fights her way back to normalcy. She struggles a lot but never lose the fighting spirit against any odds.

It is a short read with a happy ending. The writer has described Ria’s life in an awesome manner. She has also compared 90s generation with the generation of 21st century. She gives the message of fighting the odds through this book. As they say, it is not about how hard life knocks you down, it is about how hard you come back. The story is written awesomely well but the book needs proper editing. In fact, editing is the only thing which will disappoint you. You can read Ria’s Diary by clicking here.

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