I never thought I will read a book on spices in my life but I have just finished one. And I am happy that I read it because I have my food daily but I didn’t know which spices I take in daily. Spices are part of our day to day life and we don’t even know why we take in those spices and what effect different spices leave on our body. Only thing I knew was India export spices. I have just finished this book called Spicy Trail by Shipra Trivedi and now I have some sort of knowledge about the spices. India is the biggest exporter of few spices and black pepper is one of them.

Spicy Trail will take you into the world of spices. It contains the information about twenty-six spices only but it will give you the knowledge which is essential and beneficial to you. It will let you know the history of the different spices. Not only that, it will also inform about the effects of different spices on your body. There is one special feature of this book which I think you will not find in any other book. And that feature is one section in this book called ‘Dadi Maa ka Nuskha’.

Our (90s generation living in India) grandparents were not a part of ‘going to the doctor’ culture. They used to cure everything with the help of natural things. As a result, they lived a longer and healthier life. They tried to pass on those natural medicines and recipes to us through their nuskhas. And Shipra has shared those nuskhas related to different spices in the book. Every chapter of the book start with history and importance of the spice and ends with the ‘Dadi Maa ka nuskha’. Moreover, Shipra has shared the information of every spice with the picture of it because sometimes it happens that we have heard the name of spice but we haven’t seen it or we have seen the spice and don’t know the name of it.

Honestly, I didn’t know about more than 50% of the spices mentioned in this book. And I was incredibly surprised after reading the nuskhas. I hardly heard about couple of them. If you are curious about the nuskhas then read the book for that. To read ‘Dadi maa ka nuskha’ (Spicy Trail) click here.

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  1. I am not much of a reader of Non – fiction. However, your review has intrigued me to pick this book soon.. 🙂 looking forward to reading this one..

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