You might have witnessed a few advertisements on Alexa recently. In one of those advertisements, a small girl is ordering Alexa to play songs according to the mood of her brother. In this post, I am not going to talk about that Alexa voice service, I am going to talk the Alexa ranking system. Amazon has not produced only a voice service with the name of Alexa, it has also produced a ranking system for websites with the name of Alexa.

Alexa ranking system is the ranking system for the websites created around the world. Facebook and Google always lead Alexa ranking charts as these two are most visited websites around the world. Alexa rank is not measured only on the basis of number of views. There are a lot of other factors as well, like the quality of your content, how often you update your website, engagements on your posts etc. It also mentions the time your website takes to load.

I got this information about Alexa ranking system when I participated in one campaign called ‘My Freind Alexa’. My friend Alexa is a campaign organised by blogchatter every year in the month of September. In this campaign, all the bloggers of this country help each other in growing one another’s blog. It gives you knowledge about Alexa rank and helps you improve the rank of your blog or website. It is the campaign which gives you the idea about where your blog (website) stand in the world as well as in India.


Last year, more than a hundred bloggers took part in this campaign. And at the end of the campaign, all the bloggers improved their Alexa rank and got a new direction for their blog. So if you are a new blogger then this campaign is a must for your blog. If you are not a new blogger and already know your Alexa rank then also this campaign is a must for your blog. This campaign will do two good things to you. One, it will develop a reading habit in you as you are going to read a lot of blog posts during this campaign. Two, it will introduce you to a lot of other bloggers. So via this campaign, you can network, make new blogger friends, learn new techniques, develop a reading habit and take your blog to the next level.

If you have already taken part in this campaign before then start planning to do better this year because, in this campaign, the biggest loser is the biggest gainer.

Personal experience

I took part in this challenge last year and at that time, my overall Alexa rank was very poor and my website (blog) had no Indian rank (as per Alexa). After the campaign, Alexa rank of my blog improved a lot, it got an Indian rank, I got the new direction and set the new standards for my blog  It has been a year since then and in this period of one year, I lost the rhythm for a couple of months and my Alexa rank has fallen drastically. So this year I have planned this campaign in advance and hopefully, I will beat last year’s results.

Essentials for the campaign

You need an Alexa rank extension on your web browser apart from your blog. And you have to register for this campaign on blogchatter. You can register on blogchatter website or you can click here to register.


I have one mantra which you have to recite throughout the campaign (you can recite it even after the campaign). And the mantra is:

O my friend alexa, tu rehna saath hamesha.

40 thoughts on “O #MyFriendAlexa!”

    1. There is nothing to be nervous about it. In this campaign, you won’t loose anything except your rank. So don’t worry.

  1. Haha, I liked the mantra at the end of the post. Great tips for a first timer taking part in this campaign. Its my 3rd time and I love this campaign. Good to know you through Alexa. 🙂

  2. The name of your blog is interesting, especially as it is a pun on your name. I did the same with my blog which is called Deep Ties, after my name Deepti. 🙂 Thank you for the information on My Friend Alexa. It makes for interesting reading and helps first times like me. All the very best!

  3. Ha ha Lovely mantra paresh, it is my first participation and I really like the read insight of it you had shared in the post. all the beat for #MyfriendAlexa and looking forward to reading more from you

  4. Thanks so much for decoding Alexa! First time participant, and excited as well as nervous 🙂 Loving your local train series as well!
    #surbhireads #MyFriendAlexa

  5. Well, my Alexa rank did improve last year but only mraginally. It has gone back to being what it was… But I did learn a lot and did manage to figure ourt certain tthings. Still don’t know how to tweet using the #hashtag etc…… Hope I’ve tweeted yours right. And by the way, Alexa was ranking before Amazon bought it out!

  6. Thanks for writing in detail about #myfriendalexa its first time I am participating in this league and have so many expectations Hope it give a new direction to my blog and improve my writing skills. #delhibloggerreads

    1. Don’t worry this campaign will live upto your expectations. Or I would like to say that the results will be beyond your expectations.

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