We recently celebrated the 72nd independence day. Over the period of time, there has been a huge change in the way of celebrating independence day. Earlier, it used to start with flag hoisting ceremony then we used to remember the sacrifice of our freedom fighters while watching independence day parade. Doordarshan and other news channels used to play heart touching patriotic songs sung by our legendary singers. After the invention of social media and WhatsApp, it has changed completely. Now the schedule of independence day starts with the WhatsApp forward and ends with the family dinner in the restaurant or the late night party.

1. WhatsApp forward

These days, the first thing we do after getting up is, we check our WhatsApp. On independence day, one or the other early bird sent us an awesome independence message, video or picture. And all we do is, forward that message, video or picture. We feel proud and patriotic after forwarding that message, video or picture. It feels like we have contributed in nation’s development. Both positive and negative messages are forwarded via WhatsApp on independence day morning. And after forwarding those messages, people feel they are most patriotic citizens of the country. Can there be a better start to an independence day?

2. Patriotic Social media update

After WhatsApp, they move on to social media. After forwarding one strong message, people write another strong message on the social media. It is a process. WhatsApp ignites the patriotic feeling in people which leads to a strong status update on social media. The social media updates go on all social media platforms as people have different platforms as their favourite. After forwarding the WhatsApp message and updating the strong status on social media, people switch to television.

3. Patriotic movie and news

High on patriotism, when people switch on the T.V., some movie channels and news channel help then to take their patriotism to the next level. Movie channels broadcast movies like Gandhi and the legend of Bhagat Singh. And news channels show them, how much we have progressed and where our country has reached after these many years. After watching that stuff, the patriotic feeling reaches the highest level and they almost decide to die for the country but then…

4. Chai pe charcha

Then people have high tea with friends and family at home, nukkad, tea stall and restaurant. And there they discuss everything. From the current situation of the country to the condition of flags after independence day. They express all the feelings related to their nation. They recall all good things happened in the country with head held high. Along with that, they express their anger on the bad things and they find someone to blame for those things. In short, a lot happens over the cup of tea and a handful of snacks. In that discussion, slowly and gradually patriotism go away.

5. Enjoy the day off

After the end of the most intense high tea, people get into the mood of a party as they realise it is a holiday. They did everything they needed to do on independence day. They felt proud of the nation’s achievement and they found someone to blame for the failures. After doing so many things since morning, they deserve to party. So to end the independence day, people go out and party. They go out in clubs and dance on patriotic songs or have dinner with family and friends.

India has celebrated 72 independence days and with every generation, the way of celebrating independence day has changed. There is one thing which hasn’t changed even after 72 independence days and that is the habit of blaming national leaders and politicians for the failures or the underdevelopment of our country. I want to say one line to people of this nation against this ritual of blaming.

“You are the real power of this nation. So before blaming anyone, think what you are doing for this country?”

When each and every person of this nation realise what he or she are doing for this nation, from that year, we will be celebrating the real independence day.

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26 thoughts on “Monsoon Carnival: Things people do on independence day”

  1. You’ve summarised it all so well, Paresh. The concept of patriotism is fast losing and changing its meaning. Forwards and updates won’t contribute in setting things straight. We, the people, are the change.

  2. We were taught our fundamental rights and fundamental duties in civics classes… People remember their rights but have erased the duties from their memory! We need to become responsible!

  3. WhatsApp and social media is taking the front seat in every aspect of our lives. You areabsolare right about forwardes msgs. We feel we have done our part by wiaheing each other. But still there is a lot that has to be done.

  4. Really, these are the things we do and this is our way of celebration. But what exactly we are doing for this nation? We blame the politicians, we blame the system. But are we doing anything good for it?

  5. But these things ignite patriotism , and we feel proud . But the real question is what and how much have we contributed in our nation’s development? If we come forward to contribute it will be a different feeling all together.

  6. Chai or charcha and listening to old patriotic song is our favorite. But this shouldn’t be confined to days, it should always be with us.

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