Officially, we got the freedom in 1947 when Britishers left our country. After ending the freedom fight with Britishers, we began a new fight. The fight among ourselves. Since 1947, we are fighting over partition, religion, land, resources, materialism and because of dirty politics. In short, even after getting the freedom we are not free. We will not get freedom from these things until there is self-awakening in the people of this nation. Self-awakening is very important to realize how free we are? We are in the chains of corruption, pollution and politics. And we choose to be like this. The biggest problem with us is, we take those things for granted which we get in abundance. Nature is at top of the list of those things.

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We have witnessed that if we take nature for granted then nature has its ways of making us realize that mistake. Obviously, some people realize it and some people don’t. Thus we keep on polluting our environment. And nature has started giving it back with thanks. Yes, I am talking about plastic. Two incidents in the last one month have shown us nature’s teaching ability. During the high tide in Mumbai, sea threw tonnes of plastic back which we throw in it with great pride. And during the Kerala floods, we witnessed the similar thing on one of the bridges. These two incidents are enough to awaken ourselves.

Dependence on plastic

Ask yourself, why are we depending so much on plastic? And if we are depending on plastic then why are we throwing it in the sea or any other water body? Yes, it is easily available and it is very convenient but that doesn’t give you the permission to use and throw it in the river or sea. Companies, shopkeepers and local vendors have put the habit of plastic in us. We ask for a carrier or the bag for even smallest of the things. Moreover, we ask for a water bottle wherever we go and companies wrap it around the products. The situation is, we are not able to imagine our life without plastic.

Freedom from plastic

It is high time that we should start living without plastic. If you can’t reuse it, refuse it. Keep this mantra in mind and refuse to all those plastic bags and things which you use and throw. When you go out to eat, drink that restaurant’s water, don’t ask for packaged drinking water. How do you know that the bottle containing water is pure and what the restaurant is offering is impure. Packaged water might be the same as of what restaurant is offering, they might have simply sealed it in a bottle. Moreover, whenever you go out for shopping ask for paper bags, cloth bags or carry your own bag for shopping but say no to plastic. We have to change our habits here. Earlier, we were habituated to plastic. Now, we have to habituate ourselves to the world without plastic. We need independence from plastic to save our planet and ultimately ourselves.

If you can’t reuse it, refuse it.

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Don’t throw plastic bags and bottles in the river or sea thinking it is not going to come back. Nature is giving it back. Stop fighting under the political influence over petty things and join hands in preserving nature. The youth of whole world is doing wonders and youth of our nation is busy proving that we are good for communal riots and stone pelting only. Let’s try and find substitutes for plastic and get freedom from it.

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57 thoughts on “Freedom from plastic”

  1. This write up comes from a conscious citizen of the nation for sure. I support the cause to my utmost capability.

  2. We we’re discussing the same the other day. As kids we always remember carrying our own bags, our own bottle whenever we went out . We never faced a problem then, all we need is a bit of planning to get fredofr from plastic.

  3. Totally agree to each and every word of ur post. So wonderfully penned.
    Yes, if we can’t reuse it it’s high time we ket go of plastic completely.

  4. I am extremely impressed by your choice of topic for independence theme dear, yes it is high time that each one of us forcibly give up our dependency on plastic bag in favour of our Mother Nature and ourselves

  5. I have written a number of posts on lack of sensitivity towards environment among our citizens and frankly it is disturbing that we don’t care about it at all! Keep writing and inspiring, Paresh

  6. Our old practice of taking our own bags to shops, or vessels for hotels was the best one. The laziness in us and also the style factor made us feel ashamed of such practice, and we are paying the price. Good timing of the post, need of the hour.

    1. But the sad part is people have no feeling of giving it up on their own. They still enjoy throwing plastic in water bodies.

  7. Very well-articulated. Its not enough that we ourselves stop using plastic, its also important to talk and write about it, make more noise.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly. The onslaught of floods India is witnessing recent years and the water-logging after-wards (plastic-clogging being one of the reasons), the citizens and govt. alike need a huge shake-up.

  9. It’s high time that we should respond to plastic ban seriously.
    I am in Haridwar and city has adopted plastic ban since past 1 year. A big salure to administration to ensure that people adopt to this culture. We have you used to practice of carrying our carry bags and vendors provide cloth bags instead of plastic bags .

  10. Plastic is menace. The recent floods across the country are example how badly we are treating mother nature. Nature is giving us back in many folds as return gifts in terms plastic coming back from seas and rivers. Videos and photos across media showing how aquatic animals are suffering with the plastic is dumped into sea!!! In this scenario educating future generations is very important. Wake up call !!

  11. Couldnt agree more with this post of yours, there are a lot of alternate option now a days for everything and awareness needs to be raised

  12. absolutely correct, freedom from plastic is need of hour. Even if plastic is a great invention but its misused in form of non reusability & dumping it anywhere. Refuse is the 4th R in nature’s favour.

  13. Karnataka has banned plastic – so we use cloth bags instead, we as citizens are trying to reduce the consumption of plastic to – using paper liners in dustbins, taking our own bags to shopping. Its important that we all realise its our duty to keep the planet clean.

  14. I am so glad that Maharashtra has put a ban on one time use plastic items. I can already see lesser plastic bag, straws, food containers etc. going into the garbage. It is a much needed step that the whole country should adopt.

    1. I know how strict BMC was as they even slapped a hefty fine lot on who were using the plastic. And that kind of strictness is required everywhere to take the usage to nil.

  15. completely agree, Paresh. its our mindset which we need to change. but i guess the human race is turning a deaf ear to every warning given by nature. loved the line- if u cant reuse it, refuse it.

  16. I am doing my bit my making sure I avoid plastics in my life.we have moved from plastic bottles to glass or brass bottles.. for tiffin boxes we are now using either steel or glass. I think everyone has to take the responsibility and work towards betterment of the environment

  17. I agree with this initiative. This is the least we could do to protect the nature. Teaching the same to next generation is very crucial .

    #MyFriendAlexa #zenithbuzzreads

  18. This is some food for thought and much needed. I am glad at least some positive steps have been taken in this regard. The plastic ban was a welcome move. Although it is not 100% I do see a lot less rubbish on the streets these days. But there are people who complain about this move. I wonder how they dont see the gravity of the situation.

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