While growing up, I have learnt one thing that the preferences are going to change with every generation. Earlier generations, our grandparents watched shows like Mahabharat on Doordarshan, our parents like to watch daily soaps and on the contrary, we watch different types of web series. We are living in the phase in which Amazon prime has become the new prime time and the phase in which people chill over Netflix web series. With this trend of watching everything online, our parents have become happier as there is no fight over remote control for watching the daily soaps over cricket matches.

Talking about cricket, there is a lot of good stuff online for the avid followers of the game. I have 3 web series which is must watch for all avid followers of the game. These 3 web series will give you more knowledge about cricket and cricketers.

Inside Edge

Inside Edge is a prime original web series. This web series revolves around the fixing in the game. It shows everything related to fixing. From how players are approached to how professionally they do the job for the fixers. With 8.2 IMDb rating, it will almost make you believe that every single cricket match is fixed. The series is so good that there are chances, you might loose faith in the international cricket after watching it. It ends with the victory of good over evil. Actors, Vivek Oberoi and Angad Bedi have done a fab job. Others actors have supported them really well. It is so gripping that I finished the series in one day. Thus, it is first in my must-watch list.

Breakfast with Champions

Gaurav Kapur is the best host in the world when it comes to presenting cricket. For the period of a decade, he was the face of IPL. After the broadcasters of IPL changed, he started his own web series called Breakfast with Champions. In that show, he interviews his cricketer friends (almost every Indian cricketer is his friend). Those who have witnessed Gaurav Kapur’s anchoring knows that he has his own style of interviewing personalities. In five seasons, he has interviewed almost all the current Indian male cricketers and couple of female cricketers. He has interviewed other sports personalities as well.

Each and every episode of Breakfast with Champions will crack you up and will leave a smile on your face. Moreover, it will show you a completely different side of cricketers. Thus, it is a must watch web series. All the seasons of Breakfast with Champions are available on YouTube. Just subscribe the Breakfast with Champions channel and enjoy the show.

What the Duck!

The person who is at no. 2 after Gaurav Kapur when it comes to presenting the sport is Vikram Sathaye. Vikram Sathaye is best known for doing mimicry of cricketers. As a presenter, he has been on many tours with team India. He started What the Duck! with the launch of mobile application called Viu. The bond between cricketers and Vikram Sathaye is such that they don’t hesitate telling dressing room stories to him. He has interviewed Indian cricketers as well as foreign cricketers on the show. Almost all the cricketers of Sourav Ganguly era has been on his show.

When the cricketers of Sourav Ganguly era share their dressing room stories then the show becomes interesting automatically. All three seasons of this web series are available on Viu and YouTube. You can watch it for free on Viu if you don’t want to watch it on YouTube.

So these three are the must-watch web series for cricket lovers. Watch them now and thank me later.

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19 thoughts on “3 Must Watch Web Series for Cricket Lovers”

  1. After reading your posts and few more posts from my fellow bloggers , I feel I have to switch to Netflix and some of the online series as they have something different to give to the audience.

  2. I am stopping myself from getting Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hotstar because I have heard they are very addictive. Now you give me one more reason why I should! As a cricket lover I know I will love watching these! Sigh!

    1. I didn’t write even a single word after buying Amazon prime’s subscription. If I have spent 3 weeks watching shows and movies on Amazon prime then I am going to write about it no? 😊 BTW the other two are available on YouTube. πŸ˜‰

      1. Seriously, I miss watching him on the ground. One of the best cricketers, so far. Got a chance to see him during one of the IPL matches in Bangalore and I was on cloud nine, like any other fan girl. He is gold.

  3. I’ve been meaning to watch β€œInside Edge” since its launch. The premise sounds intriguing. Happy that Vivek Oberoi has got his due here. He was good at his job during the heyday of his career. Thanks for tipping off the other series as well.

  4. I have watched last two and loved it. Was little apprehensive about the first one but now i am going to binge watch it πŸ™‚

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