He cracks the bad joke as confidently as any stand up cracks the good one. He admits that he has the great collection of shoes because of those bad jokes. Despite of his bad jokes, people love him and watch the reality shows only because of him. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about Manish Paul. I doubt there is hardly any host in India better than him. He makes the flop shows, a big hit, just on the basis of his anchoring. There are a lot of anchors or hosts in India. Television actors, film actors, all do anchoring in different types of shows on T.V. but Manish Paul is the only one who knows how to do it.

His confidence, his wit, his presence of mind, his way of speaking, his energy takes the show to the next level. He is good looking, presentable and he carries himself really well. Moreover, he do the toughest job, he brings a smile to people’s face. He introduces the contestant or participant by adding funny analogy related to him or her and he gives utmost respect to judges, parents and celebs. Along with that, he appreciates contestants on their performances. Manish Paul knows the art of making people happy and that quality makes him best in the business. It is not easy to notice and pick up small things around the people and present it in a (not insulting) funny way. It is an art and Manish is a master of it.

Manish was born and brought up in a Punjabi family in Delhi. He started his career as a host in Delhi. Manish used to host cultural events in schools and colleges. He got his first break on T.V. in 2002. He has been Radio city’s RJ as well. Manish has done films, he has sung songs. There isn’t anything he hasn’t done in the field of media. Manish’s age is 37 and he doesn’t even look 30. Manish has set the standards for the upcoming generations. The biggest benchmark he has set while hosting is his comic timing, sense of humour and his screen presence. I haven’t seen any male host carrying pink and yellow shiny shoes on the screen so well. So it is really difficult (or nearly impossible) to get into his shoes.

I watch reality shows only because of Manish Paul.

90s Kid’s connection

My family watches only those reality shows in which Manish Paul is the host. My mum fight with us to watch Manish Paul in action. She clearly says, “I watch reality shows only because of Manish Paul.” As a 90s Kid, I am highly impressed by his confidence and his ability to make people laugh. Making people laugh is not easy at all, people shiver while delivering a written speech. And Manish Paul does it with ease, the best part is, he makes it look very easy. I think the best gift you can give to someone is a smile. Manish Paul is gifting a smile to people from the last 15 years. Imagine, after a tough day when one switch on the T.V. and get a smile on his/her face (by watching Manish Paul), what else he/she wants in life! I do that quite often. Whenever I am stressed or feeling low, I watch Manish Paul in action.

I think the 90s generation should take inspiration from his style of hosting and should try to learn a few tricks from him in life. Aspiring hosts should adopt his hosting style. Moreover, the 90s generation should get inspiration from his workaholism. Even after 15 years, Manish Paul is still the best in the industry then he would have some work ethics and 90s kids should adopt that as well.

Lastly, people find USPs in a show, I would say if you have Manish Paul as a host of your show, you don’t need any other USP. Manish Paul as a host is the biggest USP of any reality show.

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30 thoughts on “90s Kid’s Superstars: Manish Paul”

  1. Manish Paul is truly one of the best hosts we have. Besides his crackling sense of humour and impromptu one liners, his fitness is one aspect I am awed and inspired by!

  2. Manish Paul brings a different kind of freshness with him,everyone in the house is always excited to catch up with him. We have started watching award function just for him. Loved reading your post. He has a big fan folloy

    1. Watch tere bin laden 2. Another epic movie of his. He is better known as a host than an actor for obvious reasons that his movies are not super hit and his anchoring is. So…

      1. TBL2 has been on my to watch list for a while now. Maybe this weekend. And I guess, Iโ€™d be one of the very few who know him more of an actor than an anchor. ( I donโ€™t watch TV shows at all)

        1. Same here. I used to watch tv but I don’t. As I mentioned whenever I feel stressed or low I watch his shows. It brings smile on my face.

  3. I love Manish Paul for his wit and confidence. You are absokuabso right in saying that if Manish Paul is the anchor of a shoe, they don’t need any other USP. And oh do you know that he had participated in a talent hunt program aired in television almost 15 years back. That’s from where he got a break.

    1. I don’t know about that. I know that he was an RJ in radio city before he became a VJ. I guess it would be the same channel where he got the break.

  4. I am not much of a reality show buff. But I watched the video and I find Manish Paul is indeed a very promising anchor with a great sense of humour. And I also like Varun Dhawan. I consider him one of the most promising actors of the current generation.

  5. I am one who watch shows if Manish hosts it. Never a dull moment when he is in stage. He can cracks me up every time. The biggest USP about him is that he never takes away anyoneโ€™s shine moment butbhe never fade away standing by other stars.

  6. Yeah, I agree Paresh. He is one of the nicest hosts today we have on screen. I like his wits. Good looks adds more to his charm ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was watching the recorded Indian Idol last night only which he is hosting and immensely enjoyed watching him. I like the choice of your topic.

  7. I hadn’t really thought about it until you pointed it out. The only reality shows I have liked were the ones that had him as an anchor. I guess somethings are right in front of us but we fail to notice them.

  8. I am aManish Paul fan too. I love his sense of humour, his comic timings and his ways of making fun without hurting any one. He definitely has set the benchmark of hosting the show pretty high up.

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