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When Amazon launched prime video, its first target was the youth of this country. At that time, we mostly watched the videos of different comedians on YouTube as they pulled us by providing some new and meaningful content. Apart from comedy shows, we watched live streaming of cricket matches. So to promote prime, Amazon brought all the stand-up comedians (who made their name through the internet) on the board and launched a show called stand up specials. Through that show, Amazon attracted the youth of this nation towards prime video. With the passage of time, Amazon has started finding India’s next comedians as well. Through comicstaan, Amazon is providing this country its next set of stand up comedians. Come, let’s explore these two shows and understand why these are must watch shows on Amazon prime video.

Stand up Specials

stand up comedy

As I mentioned above in stand up Specials, Amazon brought all the stand-up comedians (except Vir Das) on board and recorded them while performing. All the comedians performed in front of live audience as they do in their shows all over the country. Even their shows are named on the topic they perform in different cities. There are more than 30 gigs in the stand-up Specials. it does not contain only solo stand-up gigs, some of the comedians has performed together as well. So there are almost three seasons in one show. All have their own style and everyone has his or her audience. Thus, it is very entertaining. If you watch an episode every day or listen to one comedian every day then you have the stock for over a month.

There will be one complaint from your side when you will watch this show that you have heard these jokes in the show which was held in your city. But it will be a problem with one or two comedians not all of them because you would have watched the show of one or two, not all comedians. The best part about these comedians is, they present very relatable content which will help you to connect with them. They bring a smile on your face no matter how stressful you are. Thus it is a must watch show or rather shows. My personal favourites are Varun Thakur, Kanan Gill and Sorabh Pant and I enjoyed their stand up specials.



Comicstaan is a show to find India’s next comedian. Amazon prime describe it that way. It is hosted by Abish Mathew and Sumukhi Suresh and contestants are judged by Tanmay Bhatt, Kanan Gill, Biswa, Sapan Verma, Naveen Richards, Kenny Sabastian and Kaneez. I feel it is a show to find the next set of comedians, not just one. Before starting this series, I was hesitating a bit because I was thinking how will these new comedians make me laugh. They proved me completely wrong. The comedians who are participating are as good as judges who are mentoring them.

In every episode, a judge mentors the participants on one theme or genre of comedy and the participants perform their acts according to that. Every participant brings his or her own flavour in every act and that factor makes the show really interesting and fun. Moreover, at the end of every episode, the mentor performs his or her set. If you are an aspiring stand up comedian then this show is like a bible because it covers all the technicalities of stand up. In short, it is two in one show. It provides learning to aspiring comedians and entertaining to the viewers.

According to these two are the must-watch Indian web series on Amazon. These stand ups might be wrapped in two web series but every stand up is a special show in its own. Apart from these, there are shows like Best of AIB and Son of Abish but they are already there on YouTube. So enjoy the shows and have a good laugh.

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    1. I have spend whole weekend on Netflix and Amazon Prime instead of writing. So I am going to write about it and pull people towards these addictive platforms. 😉

  1. I am a netflix addict, will be back on amazon prime soon. The Indian stand-up comedy space has become a rage, especially in the past couple of years. Extremely talented artists and comedians have sprung into the limelight with their content that is not only hilarious but also relatable. I have not watched any mentioned shows but I will soon.

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