When blogchatter came out with the idea of blogchatter projects last year, I had two ideas in my mind. I went with one of them. My project was food destinations. I wanted to start reviewing the restaurants through this project. My plan was to give an overview of the restaurant or the cafe to my readers through food destinations.

Contents Food Destinations package

I made a package of an article and social media promotion. I was offering a blog post (containing idea, theme and what restaurant or cafe offers to its customers), a couple of posts on Facebook, a post and series of stories on Instagram, five tweets, zomato review and review on Google maps.

Role of Blogchatter

Blogchatter supported my idea and shown me the direction to get started. So in December 2017, I reviewed four outlets of India’s top food chains. I reviewed them to present as a sample to the clients.

In my head, my plan was superb but my experience in this industry suggested me “good plan and good content is not enough, you need numbers as well.” And when I thought about numbers, blogchatter stepped in.

Blogchatter helped me in creating the hashtag relevant to my project. Along with that, it gave me the tools to calculate the reach of that hashtag and media kit to present to the clients.

Unfortunately, the project didn’t get even a start. I approached restaurants and cafes for collaboration and the result was: most were not interested, some shown interest but they were too busy to take it forward, some wanted me to do it for free and rest (whom I met) didn’t care to collaborate with me.

In short, my attempt of bagging collaborations was not successful. The food destinations project failed.

Reasons for the failure of the project

First, my numbers were not impressive enough. When you try to bag a food collab with 50 followers on zomato and 300 followers on Instagram, clients expressions will say everything.

Second, I was not able to evaluate the reach properly. I was approaching the restaurants of Ahmedabad and I faced questions like what percentage of your audience (from your reach) is from Ahmedabad or Gujarat? It made my media kit incomplete.

Third, at that point of time, I had no idea that restaurants and cafes organise bloggers meet through a PR or through food bloggers’ connections and contacts. If they getting zomato reviews for free (by organising one bloggers’ meet) then why would they be interested in my package.

This was my story last year. I learnt a lot from that failure. My failure is not going to stop me from participating in this year’s blogchatter projects. This year I am coming with the experience of last year’s project and the numbers which are much better than last year.

Introduction to the 2018 project

This December, I am going to present the Apparels which are designed by me. So make sure you do your Christmas and new year shopping with me.

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  1. Now that was a detailed review of your experience with Blogchatter Projects last year. And all the best for this year. Looking forward. I too kind of have my Blogchatter Project sorted this year.

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