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Hi, I am a bearded freelance writer, immature designer, marketer by qualification, novice social media influencer, an accountant in India’s top general insurance company and author of Six degrees, Life in Local Train and IPL-ology. Here I present you my sibling story.

Beginning of the bond

I was the first child in my house. Thus, I was pampered a lot. I was favourite child of my grandma. Grandma and my paternal uncle used to love me a lot. I was uncle’s favourite as well until my cousin was born. My cousin was born when I was five years old and then he arrived in this world when I turned six. Even after the birth of my brother, there was no difference in the love (towards me) of my parents and grandma. When two new members were added in the family, suddenly I was an elder guy in the family. Being an elder brother, I used to be there for their massage sessions to see them cry. When they learned to walk, I used to tease them by running away from them. The real bond between me and my brother established when we shifted in our new house.


In our childhood, we were connected by a game called cricket. We both loved that game. Cricket was a huge part of our childhood. Apart from Cricket, all we did in our childhood was fighting. We used to fight over very small things and we literally used to beat each other badly. It stopped after one such instance. Once, we came down after flying kites on the terrace. My cousin had also joined us. Mom and dad had gone out to attend a family function. As we came down from the terrace, I ordered him to bring a glass of water for me. And he said he will not bring a glass of water. It made me angry. Then I told my cousin to do it and he happily went into the kitchen and brought a glass of water for me. After drinking that glass of water, I started teasing him.

I was teasing and shouting in his face. In the heat of the moment, he hit me and then I hit him. I was lashing out all of my anger on him. He was hitting me one and I was hitting him three. In the middle of this fight, I saw him down in one corner with a red face and teary eyes. When mom and dad saw this, they were mad at me. Paa scolded me and said, “look at his face! He doesn’t cry so easily, you have beaten so badly that’s why he is crying.” Then I realized my mistake & started thinking “what have I done? He just refused to bring a glass of water for me and I have beaten him so badly.” I was sorry at that time also and I am sorry for that even today. After that incident, I never raised my hand on him.

Growing up

While we were growing up, the results started showing up. He scored much more than me in 10th and 12th grade. As an elder son, all the discipline was taught to me by mom and he used to enjoy her pampering. He started coaching of cricket and grew as a better player. In the very first under 14 tournament during the coaching camp, he made it into the sports column of Ahmedabad Mirror. As we were growing up, we started fighting over mature things like possession of TV remote and left-handed players are better than right-handed players. These fights were verbal.

As far as TV remote was concerned, we came down to settlement by dividing the time of possession. In the morning, he used to have the possession of remote, while in the evening I used make him watch, what I liked. In the other matter, being a lefty, I always supported left-handed players. And the war between lefty and righty ended when we entered adulthood.


With the passage of time, we understood each other and started respecting each other’s work. Earlier, we used to fight with each other and today, we fight for each other. We stand by one another in tough times. Today, we both are in the different fields but we are working as a team along with our father. If anything happens to any one of us the other two make every move possible to solve that problem. I remember when I met with an accident few years, my brother came to me barefooted and took me to the doctor.

Yes, there is a difference of opinion in some matters and on some topics but we are a team when it comes to keeping peace and happiness at home. I always say him that he could have been a cricketer if hadn’t let go those opportunities but nevertheless, we have found our paths and we are working as a team towards being one as a family. Father has taught us that if we are one and together as a team then we can tackle the whole world.

Time has made our relationship stronger and hopefully, future will make it unbreakable.

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44 thoughts on “Story of Two Brothers #SiblingStories”

  1. Loved the tale of two brothers…pillars of strength. Real expressions and yes, the elder gets more attention for discipline and the younger one appears to be pampered but actually, they follow the elder’s footsteps and they require less guidance from parents. I am happy to see you as a part of #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

  2. I agree with you for the pampering rendered for first child in Indian families. I also enjoyed like you. Beautiful capture of sweet and spicy relationship of two young brothers. Stay blessed liked this always.

  3. First child gets a special love but once the second comes, s(he) becomes the elder xhildxhildand with time the love is accompanied by responsibilities.
    #Siblingtalks #Siblingstories

  4. Wonderful narration of the bond of two brothers. I enjoyed it! Siblings are our biggest strength and we can take on the world with them by our side!

  5. The best sentence here was as we grew up we fought on mature things like who manages the remote 😂. I had never read a sibling brothers perspective

  6. SO true about the exams and results you reminded me of those days when my brother after exams especially maths test used to ask me what I did and then on my face would tell me that you will get this much. I was petrified of him ffor this. 😀

    1. It wasn’t that kind of scenario with me. It is just that my brother scored more than me in every grade. Anyways thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  7. Looks like you poured your heart out in this post. I liked when things shifted to verbal mature arguments, though poles apart still caring for each other.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

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