India is the country where summer lasts for almost eight months in a year. And in those eight months, we prefer to be in vests and shorts because we feel comfortable in these apparels. Moreover, these apparels can keep you ahead of your friends as far as gym looks are concerned. These designs of vests and tank tops will help you in pulling your muscle in style.

1. Bike

It is a simple yet quirky design. On the black base, there is a bike, that’s it. This simple design can take your gym look to the next level. Check out.

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2. Bites the crust

‘Another one bites the dust’ is the saying and this design is inspired by that saying. It says ‘another one bites the crust’. It is funny, cool and elegant at the same time. Check out.

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3. Control

It happens a lot of times in life when you lose control of yourself. And this design in green expresses that by saying ‘time I lost control’. This typography design has a control button as well. Check out.

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4. Play, Learn and grow

We saw and discussed the story behind the design play, learn and grow in earlier posts. It is in the form of a vest and tank top as well. And the off-white colour looks superb in shorter forms of apparels. Check out.

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5. Leaf and Car

Leaf and car are two different designs. Design leaf is in form of a vest. There is a giant leaf on dark pink base in this design. While design car is in form of a tank top and it is as simple as bike. In this design, there is a red car on the yellow base. Check out.

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8 thoughts on “Par God’s Designs: Vest and Tank Top”

  1. I really like these designs Paresh. The toast and the control ones stood out to me. Love that u used ctrl key as a prop. All the best.

  2. I like your designs and the thought you put into designing these outfits. I am going to order the twinning tops for me and my husband for our anniversary. These will be perfect for a day at beach. Keep rocking!

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