The second edition of Tweet Fables was held on 19th January 2019. And Twitterati wrote a beautiful and heart touching story in this edition.

On 19th January, The second chapter of Tweet Fables was started with the lines below and these lines were shaped into a beautiful story. Read it now:

“It’s so lovely to meet you!” It was said in a way that immediately made him feel special. He jumped in joy, circling around her. He took her long Kurti in the mouth and fiddled with it. The little girl always spoke sweetly to him this kept the puppy happy… It was the spark in the tone of her voice which made him feel special. That meeting created some sort of magic or rather it was the beginning of a very special relationship. The relation based on loyalty.

He decided to guard her, throughout its life. With this thought, he started following her.

Loyalty, a rare thing to find in today’s world, but the most beautiful thing to experience. It was the beauty of loyalty, which made the friendship more strong.

Finally, she had found a companion in a form of that pup. The spark in his eyes used to bring a smile on her face. She felt secured when her eyes used to spot four-legged companion around her. His wagging tail gave the signal of his happiness around her.

But this happiness was for no longer time. As suddenly her parents got a transfer & they could not carry the pup to that place.

It was a setback for her. She fought with her parents for him. She didn’t want to leave him at any cost. She even threatened her parents to leave them if they fail to come up with a way to take him with them.

All the luggage got transported by Movers & Packers, the bags were kept in the back of the car. She did not move an inch further. She tightly hugged the puppy and was crying incessantly.

Seeing her crying, he was mourning as well. Her parents were not happy with the two unhappy souls. Her father even thought of rejecting the promotion and staying back but then the driver of movers and packers saw that and asked: “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing much. Just watch their pact, they are glued to each other. I don’t wish to carry pup as Mumbai flat is quite small and it will be difficult to accommodate puppy. Even my mother abhors puppy.”

“But, can’t you see; the love and companionship between them”; Asked the man. “As an adult, we just keep running behind, the promotion, growth & all materialistic things, while all our emotions take a back seat, we need to make room for them too”

“I haven’t booked a ticket for the puppy n airlines won’t accept.” Her father said.

“No issue Sir, we will carry the puppy with us. See its eyes, so much love in its eyes. Aunty will spare the puppy.” and they carried the puppy in the lorry.

Now after so many years, they live as a beautiful family, the happiness and chuckles fill the house and bring tears in her father’s eyes. Who feels grateful for the decision he took when they moved.

The storytellers who have webbed this story with me are:

Ila Varma


Vij Vihaar


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