After showcasing the collection of my designs, it is time to declare the bestsellers of 2018. 2018 was a great year as far as my designs are concerned. The kind of love I have got on my designs is overwhelming. I design with nothing to loose attitude simply because I am not a professional designer and I enjoy designing.

And in 2018, two platforms were constant, on which I designed whole year. The sole reason for sticking to these platforms was that I got a good response. By good response, I mean sales and good support from the platform.

I mentioned those platforms last year when I showcased my designs in the month of November and December. Though I mentioned both redesyn and colorpur, I mainly focused on Redesyn during that period. I didn’t show you the products and designs I have put on colorpur. So this time let me start with the bestsellers on colorpur.

Bestsellers on Colorpur

The collection I have on colorpur is totally different from what I have shown you on redesyn. Not only collection but the range of products colorpur have is completely different from redesyn. Colorpur mainly provides you mobile cases, coasters, mouse pads and other stuff. People always search for some quirky and cool mobile cases. And 2018’s sales prove that people are finding my designs cool enough to put it on their mobile phones and on their tables in form of coasters. In 2018, I have sold 61 products. Here are the best selling designs among them:

The best part about it is that you will get mobile cases of every model and variant ever existed in this world. And you can buy them from Amazon as well.

Bestsellers on Redesyn

I showcased the whole range of products designed by me last year which you can check here. I got some good response to my designs. In 2018, I sold 42 products on Redesyn. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the customers who loved my designs and decided to wear them. Out of 42 products, maximum of Shirts were being sold in 2018. After Shirts, Kurtas were at no. 2 then Vests and Tank Tops. On the basis of sales, I am presenting best selling Shirt, Kurta and Vest below:

Once again, thanks to all those people who liked my designs and decided to put them either on them or on their device.

16 thoughts on “Par God’s Designs: Best Sellers of 2018”

  1. These are some very unique normally don’t get to see them in market..I am thinking of buying a tshirt for my husband ..hope he likes it too

  2. I quite like Redesyn collection, its best sellers are very good and happening. COlorpur as you said I would also go for its quirky designs in mobile cases

  3. Love your designs and so glad to know that you got an overall good response as well. I like designs on colorpur more than the on Redesyn but they both are unique.

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