The kid inside me craves for animated movie or series every weekend. Thus, I keep watching different animated movies and web series. Over the period of last six months, I have finished quite a few web series. I have written about animated series of Bahubali in one of my web series centered posts earlier (Click here to read that). And as far as animated movies are concerned, I have watched Chhota bheem movies, smurfs and a lot of Disney movies. Among Disney movies, I have watched zootopia, incredibles and even tinker bell (judge me if you want to). In short, after watching a good amount of animated content (mostly on amazon prime), I have selected three web series which one must watch.

Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny

Entertainment quotient in Kung Fu Panda movies pushed me to go for this prime original series. And I must say that I was not disappointed after watching Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny. Rather, I became a bigger Kung Fu Panda fan after watching this series. In Kung Fu Panda movies, There was only one Panda and he entertained us with his supernatural abilities. While in this series, there are four baby pandas along with the original Kung Fu Panda. They get the superpowers by rubbing their butt on the statue; now imagine the entertainment quotient in it. Apart from the five pandas, there is one more panda who will entertain you in this series and that panda is grandma panda. Sorry, I can’t say anything else about this series. To know more, watch it on amazon prime.

Lost in Oz

I don’t know about the history of Lost in Oz. By history, I mean I don’t whether series was released first or a movie or whether it’s movie exists or not. I started watching it as I got it in my recommendations while watching Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny. I was impressed by its concept and the standards of its animation. The series begin with Dorthy finding the magic book burried by her mother. And that book takes her to the adventurous journey in Oz. It will remind you of your childhood fantasies. I would recommend to watch it with your kids because it is that kind of series which will help in creating a stronger bond with your child.

Thunder Birds Are Co

Thunderbirds is a superhero series. It is a complete science fiction with a lot of rockets, submarines and satellites. It is that typical web series in which Superheroes (Thunderbirds) fight to save the world. The quality of animation and the concept is superb. Vehicles, devices and weapons are exciting. Only minus point in this series is that it gets a bit confusing. In this series, Superheroes don’t have names like avengers, they refer to each other as Thunderbird 1, Thunderbird 2 and so on. It creates confusion in the beginning and you will only be able to differentiate among Thunderbirds after watching three to four episodes. In short, to enjoy this series you need the patience of three to four episodes. It’s graphics and animation will attract your kid as well. If your kid loves Superheroes and science fiction then push him or her to watch this series.


According to me, these are must watch animated prime original series. I will be back with more posts on web series. To read all the posts on web series, click here.

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  1. Lovely post! I realise I have a daughter of these animated series to catch up with thank you for compiling an amazing list can’t wait to binge watch

  2. Thanx for suggesting these Prime Animation that the final exams will be over, me and my son would love to watch these

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