There are two types of people in this world. One, who drink tea and second, who drink coffee. Among tea drinkers, there are different subsets of people. One set of people drink masala tea, one set of people drink black tea, one set of people drink ginger tea, one set of people drink green tea and one set of drink flavoured tea. Some types of tea are easily available everywhere but some are very difficult to get. Same goes with the coffee lovers, normal coffee is easily available everywhere, while a cappuccino is not easily available.

Health cautious people and cappuccino lovers struggle a lot to get what they want while traveling or commuting and end up paying extra for the cup of green tea or a cappuccino. I travel on daily basis and I empathize with those people. Thus, I have been doing research on travel mugs. And I have found two different travel mugs, one for the coffee lovers and another for green and flavoured tea drinkers.

Nescafe È

In this era of smart devices, here comes the smart coffee maker. Nescafe È comes with the travel mug. So the coffee maker helps you in making coffee and the mug is to carry that coffee anywhere and everywhere you want to. You can make coffee in the coffee maker from your smartphone. Nescafe È can be connected via Bluetooth and with a tap of a button, you can make your coffee. Nescafe È allows you to make various types of coffee. You can make cappuccino or latte very easily in that. All you have to do is put milk and coffee in the mug while going to shower in the morning. While you will be taking the shower, coffee maker will make a perfect cappuccino by heating and frothing milk and coffee in the mug.


After taking the shower all you have to do is take that mug and enjoy the cappuccino on the go. Nescafe È travel mug is spill proof, possess an insulated body, have sipper and looks stylish. What else a coffee lover needs! The price of Nescafe È is around Rs. 6.5K but you can enjoy coffee the way you like, that too on the go. According to me, Nescafe È is the best travel mug for coffee lovers.

Instacuppa insulated Travel mug with steel infuser

Instacuppa insulated travel mug comes with stainless steel infuser. Steel infuser helps you to make green tea in the mug. You need to put tea leaves in the infuser and hot water in the mug. This way you can make green tea on the go with Instacuppa insulated travel mug. Not only green tea, but you can also make any flavoured tea with it. It keeps tea hot for six hours and if you want to make iced tea in it, then it will keep tea cold for 12 hours. This travel mug by Instacuppa comes with sipper lid. It is spill proof and it posses double-walled vacuum insulated body. There is one silicon grip on its body, it makes sure that the mug doesn’t slip from your hands. In other words, silicon grip makes the mug resistant of your sweaty hands.

Stainless steel keeps the flavours original. And not only tea, but you can also carry coffee in this as well. The only difference is like Nescafe È, there is no coffee maker along with this mug to help you in making cappuccino or latte in it. In short, in this Instacuppa insulated travel mug, you can carry hot tea, hot coffee, cold coffee and iced tea. Just because you can make green tea on the go in this mug makes the mug best for green tea drinkers.

You can buy Instacuppa insulated travel mug here.

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16 thoughts on “Best Travel Mugs for Coffee Lovers and Green Tea Drinkers #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa”

  1. I love this travel mug by instacuppa. I love having green tea on regular basis and sometimes it is difficult to have while travelling .. This mug by instacuppa is surely a hit..

  2. Sounds nice. I am currently using Corkcicle one and absolutely love it. I will check out these when I need a new travel mug. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. I like instacuppa…need to check out this travel mug by them. Green tea is what I love to have at work and this will be perfect for it

  4. Though Nescafe is bit pricey, instacuppa serve the purpose at pocket friendly prices. The vacuum insulation and customized lid definitely make it a first choice

  5. Instacuppa Travel. Mugs are great for carrying your hot drink .I would like a smart coffee maker too. #Instacuppa #Superbloggerchallenge.

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