In 2018, I read in the food trends that 2019 will be the year of flavoured tea. 2019 has begun and I am experiencing the demand of different flavours of tea at my home only.

Last week, I was ordering the groceries online with my mom. Usually, while ordering groceries, I order green tea for my mother. It is for the simple reason that the Doctor has advised her to reduce the weight.

“Paresh, isn’t there any other flavour in green tea?” My mom asked while telling the things to order.


“I am bored of drinking this flavour. I want to try some new.” I immediately started searching for new flavours because I was afraid that she might stop drinking green tea.

While searching for different flavours, I was checking benefits of them. I want to choose that tea which reduces my mother’s weight not increase it.

I found a few options after checking their benefits and showed it to mom. She chose one of them and I ordered it.

Earlier mom was using green tea bags, so she was not facing any difficulty in making the green tea but this time these were tea leaves. Thus, I asked her, “how will you make it?”

“In the hot water.” She replied.

“Ya but this will not come in form of tea bags, it will come in form of tea leaves. How will you keep them separated?” I asked thinking she will have no way out.

“Simple, I will filter it before drinking as I do with the normal tea.” She reminded me, it is not easy to beat a mom in the matters of cooking and kitchen.

“I can give you some options to make it in an easier way.”

“Okay, show me.”

“See,” I showed her the complete range of instacuppa products.

She got excited after seeing such a great range of products. She checked all the products, she thought for a while (about the budget) and instructed me to order Instacuppa green tea detox bottle.

I ordered it happily because I knew it will make her task very easy. As there is no need to filter or do anything with Instacuppa green tea detox bottle. All she has to do is put in the cup and drink.

Whether it is a green tea or a flavoured tea, one can make it easily with Instacuppa green tea detox bottle without losing (health) benefits of it.

So whichever flavour of tea you choose, make sure that you don’t loose (health) benefits of it because of the way you make it.

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21 thoughts on “Green Tea or Flavoured Tea? #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa”

    1. Yes, nothing can beat masala chai but if one has no option but to switch then people start thinking about the options.

  1. I have been drinking green tea for quite some time to detox my body..I love this Instacuppa and would order this for carrying it to office..

  2. I have been seeing the instacuppa mugs everywhere on Blogs now. As mug as I love the marketing strategy, I do appreciate the product is high quality too. The creators did a good job.

  3. The Instacuppa way of making tea seems really convenient. A leap over the traditional methods of filtering the tea. It is good to note that you can make green tea as well as normal tea using the Instacuppa.

  4. Instacuppa has made it easy to make kawa and green tea with leaves . Even my great grandmother love to drink kawa but with instacuppa it become easy to have great flavour and benefit

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