I mentioned in another hotstar post as well that hotstar is much more than live cricket. Nowadays, even live streaming of cricket is not free on hotstar. And there are different rates for just live streaming and hotstar premium shows. If one compares just live streaming rates with hotstar premium rates then hotstar premium is a better option than opting from just live streaming of cricket matches. The kind of shows hotstar premium offers, no other (online) platform have that kind of collection. Out of the huge collection of shows, I have chosen three for which you must buy hotstar premium (live streaming of cricket matches is complimentary).

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones needs no introduction. Some say that it is the best T.V. show ever made. Last season of it is around the corner and it will be shown on HBO. This (info) was about a T.V. channel but if you want to watch it online then you can find all the seasons of GoT on hotstar premium. I started watching it when its seventh season was going on. Of course, I started from the first season at that time but I watched each and every episode of GoT on hotstar. I remember I bought the trial version of hotstar premium and finished all seven seasons in just one month.

Game of Thrones is the first series I watched on the internet. It was quality of the T.V. series which pushed me to watch six episodes back to back on weekends. And on normal days, I used to watch at least two episodes after coming back from work. I got the addiction of watching T.V. shows online from GoT. If you subscribe hotstar premium only for GoT then also you will get your money’s worth.


Flash is the series which kept DC comics alive after Batman movies. It started in 2014 and got a pretty good response from the audience. The good response was for simple reasons like it was a unique concept and DC comics presented it in an awesome way. All the seasons of flash are available on hotstar premium. Once you start watching it, you will finish the episode after episode in a flash. It will hold you as it will provide twists and turns at regular intervals. Every episode will leave you thinking about what’s next. The characters will make you fall in love with this series. And you will find the cameos of other DC Comics superheroes from the first season itself. In short, it is a show for which hotstar premium is worth buying.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is completely opposite of the two T.V. series mentioned above. It is a light-hearted and fun series which tries to show what happens in the valley. We know that all the tech giants in the world have their headquarters in silicon valley but what we don’t know is how the tech guys survive or make it big in the valley. And this T.V. series shows the life of tech guys in the valley. It shows how the uniqueness of their work make the tech guys rich overnight and how do they struggle when their work is not unique anymore. Characters, story line and 25 to 30 minute episodes will help you finishing season after season in quick succession. So to enjoy this awesome series, you must buy hotstar premium.

According to me, one must buy the subscription of hotstar premium for these T.V. series. These series will give you value for your money.

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  1. I have heard a lot about GOT however I never got a change to watch this series. But, it is definitely on my watch list. Thanks for sharing about Flash & Silicon valley, will add these too in my list.

  2. Well, between me and my husband, my husband watches Hot Star regularly. I am sure he hasn’t seen any of these series. Will recommend these to him. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a coincidence!
    I was just contemplating on taking the membership and stumbled on your post.
    Gives me all the clarity now.

  4. Game of thrones and flash are definitely two of the most amazing online TV series! Have heard a lot about silicon valley too! These are definitely good and one can buy hotstar premium for these!

  5. These days it’s not easy to pursuade people to buy any premium subscription but if it’s worth the investment then one should definitely try that.

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