My love affair with cricket is not a secret anymore. A good response on IPL-ology gave me the green signal to go ahead with other ideas I had in my mind.

This year, I am going ahead with an idea to give tribute to the generation of cricket. It is a generation which taught me the game, the generation which made me fall in love with cricket.

At one point of time, I was not able to imagine my life without cricket. And now, I have started loosing interest in (watching) the game. I am loosing interest because of various factors (which I will discuss in my next book). So it is time that I give tribute to the players which made me fall in love with this beautiful game.

The theme of the book/challenge

When I sat down to choose the players which had a huge impact on me, I realised that there are more than eleven Indian players who brought out true cricket lover in me. And to take part in A to Z challenge, I had to select 26 players. For me, selecting even 26 players (of my generation) was not easy. First, I selected 75, then came down to 50 and finally 26. I have selected 26 players considering the alphabetical order (of A to Z Challenge) and records but final ebook of this theme will have around 30 players.

Title of this A to Z challenge theme is 26 legends and a 90s kid (and the title of the book will be 30 legends and a 90s kid). As the title suggests, during this challenge or in this ebook, I will mention the career of these legends, how they made an impact on my life and the memories they gave me with their performance.

The story behind the title

In the previous two books, I got the title in the first instinct but in this one, I was just not getting the right one. First, I decided 90s kid’s superstars but it was not giving the idea about the cricketers. Then I thought of going with 26 legends and a generation but then I realised I can’t represent the viewpoint of the whole generation. So I finally decided that 26 legends and a 90s kid will be the apt title.

What one should expect?

As I mentioned in IPL-ology that it is not just about cricket, same goes with this book. It will take cricket lovers on a nostalgic ride. It will bring back the moments they grew up watching. And people those who don’t follow cricket will be introduced to some greats of the game and will get to know the stories which will tell them about the craze and madness related to the game.

So get ready as I am about to begin a new journey and it will be bringing a part of me in front of you via 26 legends and a 90s kid.

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  1. I had no idea that you are a cricket fan. My husband loves watching the game too. I totally stay away from sports though…eek!

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