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5 delicacies to have in monsoon

First rain brings the aroma of soil. The earthly fragrance satisfies the soul. It brings freshness in life after months of scorching heat. All this is about the first rain of the season. From the second rain onwards, we start getting a different kind of aroma. And that aroma is of food. There is a…

Wipe the rashes away

My cousin sister was visiting for the first time since the birth of my niece. I was pretty excited to play with my niece. I went to pick her up from her house. She was ready and was waiting for me. I picked up her bags and placed them in the back seat of the…

My journey from co-author to author

I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Dr. Amrita whose ebook ‘7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog’ is also a part of the mix. About Dr. Amrita’s ebook: Blogging in India is still an unstructured game. But a few stepping stones will make your life easier. These seven Blogging challenges(plus a…

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