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Watery Alarm

“Aunty, paani do na?” (Aunty, please give some me water) my 5-year-old neighbour asked for water as I entered the home in the evening. It is a daily activity. He comes in the evening as I reach home from my workplace and asks for water. He has a habit of asking a full glass of…

#InstaCuppa and Me

I travel around 160 km daily. My workplace is 80 km away from my hometown. The place where I work doesn’t provide me water which suits my body. Whenever I drink water at my workplace, I fall ill. Thus, I carry an extra bottle of water at my workplace. In winter, the strategy of carrying…

Vitamin E plays an important role

A year ago, we were following a normal Sunday schedule. I was taking middle stump guard after deciding to bat first on a cool Sunday morning. It was a special Sunday morning because it was reunion of school friends. That day, I was playing cricket with school friends after ten long years. There was decline…

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