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Blogchatter projects

When blogchatter came out with the idea of blogchatter projects last year, I had two ideas in my mind. I went with one of them. My project was food destinations. I wanted to start reviewing the restaurants through this project. My plan was to give an overview of the restaurant or the cafe to my…

Ganpati Bappa more ya!

I watch it every year. People buy the idol of Lord Ganesha, keep it at home and do its pooja for 10 days. Then on 11th day, they do its visarjan in the sea, river or lake. I don’t know the reason behind it. I don’t know the ritual completely. I don’t know why it…

Freedom from plastic

Officially, we got the freedom in 1947 when Britishers left our country. After ending the freedom fight with Britishers, we began a new fight. The fight among ourselves. Since 1947, we are fighting over partition, religion, land, resources, materialism and because of dirty politics. In short, even after getting the freedom we are not free.…

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