In this world of advanced technology, only change is constant. There are constant changes in technology as well. In this world, a new phone is launched almost everyday. Some or the other company launch a smartphone phone almost everyday. There are lot of smartphones in the market today but only few get success. Quite a few factors dominate in the success of a smartphone but the key to success for companies is and will always be differentiation. How companies differentiate themselves from others. All the successful companies in the market knows how to differentiate themselves from others.

One of the leading companies in the smartphone market LG has launched a new smartphone V20. Let’s take a look at its features.


1. Durability

2. Camera

3. Superior Audio

4. Others

1. Durability:

LG V20’s body is made with Si-PC material. It is employed in each corner to realize unrivaled durability. It means that accidental drops will cause no harm to the phone. It is big relief for those who take lot of care of their phone but one accidental drop breaks not only their phone but their heart as well.

2. Camera:

LG V20 has dual rear facing cameras. Normal angle camera and wide angle camera. Normal angle camera takes a perfect group shot while wide angle lens captures an astonishing 135 degrees of stunning imagery. It is perfect for landscapes. Steady record 2.0 allows you to capture sharp, smooth video in any condition minimising unintentional hand shaking. You can also record videos using manual video mode to capture those special moments. It’s wide angle front camera allow you to capture selfies like never before. The wide angle front camera gives you a wider background for more friends. V20 has hybrid auto focus which shoot most sudden and unexpected moments. Now you can capture each and every moment of fun.

3. Superior Audio:

LG has collaborated with B&O play for V20’s audio. Specially designed B&O play earphones worth Rs. 18000/- comes with LG V20 for a beautiful sound experience. Apart from that, it has hi-fi quad DAC which gives 50% clearer sound than single DAC. It reduces the white noise and up sampling music files. It makes you feel like you are at a live performance. In manual video mode, you can customise sound as well to eliminate noise and amplify those special moments.

LG V20 has HD audio recorder and studio mode with 24 bit/192kHz FLAC. It allows captures studio quality audio on the go. Moreover it has the ability to record over a separate audio track.

4. Others:

LG V20 is powered by Android Nougat OS which allows you to use innovative new features like ‘In Apps’ to locate all apps and files related to your input. Apart from that, LG V20 has second screen feature as well. With second screen, you can access contacts, shortcuts and can jump between apps. Not just that, you can instantly reply to text messages with Direct Reply feature of the second screen.

#LGV20 is loaded with lot of different features. It has all the elements to get success in the market. In short it is not just another smartphone.

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