My fantasy was in front of my eyes. I always dreamt of owning such house. I often used go there and sit to get some inspiration. That day, the situation was different. I was feeling low and lost that day. After trying so hard, I was not even on the path of achieving my dreams. Few minutes later, a Rolls Royce came out of that house and splashed water on my face. “Haha! Go back to your hut.” Voice came out of that Rolls Royce with the hand gesturing me to go away. It ignited the fire in me. Today, I own this house and I am one of the richest people in the country.


Tina Basu

4 thoughts on “#FridayFotoFiction – Ignited Dream”

    1. Pleasure. Will try to be more regular on these prompts because it is kind of challenge to web a good story in just 100 words.

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