In August, Ahmedabad was still no internet zone as the situation was not under control. People were still fighting with each other on the topic of reservation in some areas. There was news of deaths, people were getting seriously injured, Patel community and reserved category people were harming each other’s property and prosperity. Not only Ahmedabad, cities like Surat and Vadodara were also affected. Villages were more affected than the cities by Patel Agitation. It was like a war in some of the villages. To bring the situation under control, police department imposed curfew in such villages. From the fight against reservation, it had become communal clash.

Trains were back on time as all those damaged tracks were repaired. Anand is an educational hub of Gujarat. In other words, Anand city is a machine of producing engineers in Gujarat. So lot of students from Ahmedabad commute to Anand on daily basis for the study purpose. In August, the vacation ended and the students were coming back in the train. End of vacation means the beginning of new Academic year. So the students who took admission in Anand were beginning their academic journey as well. As the new academic year began, two students Hitesh Modi and Sanket joined our group. After their joining, whole row in the seating coach used to be of our group.

“Patels don’t need the reservation. Patel community is the rich community.” Hitesh Modi spoke in between when Dwarkesh Kaka and Sharma ji were discussing the death of the 14-year-old boy in the fight.

“Dude, on what basis you are saying that Patel community is the rich community?” I asked Hitesh. “They came in BMWs, Mercedes and Audis to ask for reservation in that rally.” Hitesh gave very immature reply.

“Dude, you cannot declare any community as rich community on the basis of 20% of people who drive BMWs, Mercedes and Audis. And those people came in that rally to support their community. You are a Modi right?” Hitesh nodded. “In your community as well, there will be people who would be driving BMWs, Mercedes and Audis. So on the basis of that should I declare your community as rich community and tell you that you don’t deserve reservation.” I tried to explain the situation to Hitesh.

“This is the first year of your college, right?” Sharma ji asked Hitesh. Hitesh nodded to Sharma ji’s question. “So while taking admission in college were you filling your form as a reserved category student? Or a general category student?” Sharma ji further inquired. “Modi community comes under reservation?” I asked Sharmaji before Hitesh’s answer. Sharma ji nodded with a smile on his face. I didn’t know that Modi community comes under reserved category.

“Reseved category student,” Hitesh’s head went down after that answer. “Ah! That’s why you are saying Patel community is a rich community and they don’t need reservation,” my tone was sarcastic. “Rishi Bhai, visit my home today to see how we live.” Hitesh Modi got emotional. “Do you get concession in fees because of that?” I wanted to know the main reason behind it. “No,” again his head went down in embarrassment after replying. “Okay, Tell me how much marks did you score in school?” I knew if he is not getting any monetary benefit then it is going to be the benefit of marks. “76%,” he replied with his head down.

“Dude, if you can afford the fees and can score 76% marks then you should have taken admission as a general category student. If you can score 76% marks then you are a good student. It is not easy to score 76% marks in 12th science,” his head rose up like a sun and was going high in pride after hearing that. “You should have worked harder to match the general category cut off. You should have pushed yourself to get 80% marks and should have taken admission as a general category student. You should have backed your ability.” He had nothing to counter it.

“Do you realise, how many general category students scoring 78% or 79% marks wouldn’t have got admission just because you took admission at 76% marks as a reserved category person.” He started feeling embarrassed again. “Do you doubt your ability? Do you doubt your skill?” Hitesh shook his head. “Then why do you need reservation to compete against general category people? Why do you take undue advantage of it?” He had no answer. He was looking here and there in search of an answer.

“I also fall under reserved category but I agree with Rishi Bhai. We should back our ability and skill. We shouldn’t take undue advantage of reservation.” Sanket took my side instead of being on Hitesh’s side. Hitesh started feeling ashamed of himself.

“You should discuss this thing with my brother. He will give you proper reply on this.” Hitesh rested the topic after that statement. He had no answer to my questions because he himself took an undue advantage of reservation because he scored less marks than general category cut off. Me and Sharma ji rested our back. We knew at least we are not going to hear immature judgements from him anymore.

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9 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Life in Local Train – Reservation”

    1. Read the post now. I am talking about different reservation altogether. And my thoughts are also different.

    1. No one will do anything. Good people will not take undue advantage of it and politicians are going to play politics around it.

  1. My stand is different- My son will come under reserved category but i wont opt it but general. One should not pass judgements with half knowledge.

    1. Yeah that’s what I am saying. I have mentioned in one of my comments that good people will opt for general category. I am not saying that people like you do not exists but they are very few. Most of them are taking undue advantage. You have taken a good decision. BTW I am not passing any judgements. I am just putting one case in front of you. All the best.

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