A new trend was born in January 2016. Commuters started watching movies in the train. Commuters started keeping good stock of movies. Thanks to piracy, every new movie used to be in the phone of commuters on the fourth day of its release. Every new movie was being spreaded through xender like a fire in forest. Xender is an app which is used for transferring the files quickly just like WiFi Direct. Ahmedabad railway station provided the facility of WiFi to each passenger for free. Passengers were allowed to use that facility for half an hour. To use the free WiFi, passengers needed to sign in and get the one time password. And that one time password was to be entered in the link provided by the service provider to get the access to the internet.

The speed of that internet was really good. So commuters used to come at station much earlier than the departure time of the train to use the free WiFi. They used to keep the movies on download in that half an hour. After downloading them, they were shared in the train. Movies were shared by Ahmedabad commuters with commuters of Maninagar. As Maninagar commuters didn’t have the facility of free WiFi. By the fourth week of January, the situation was such that people started asking for movies before greeting each other. Before saying good morning after getting in the train, people started asking “which movie have you brought today?” Movies started getting viral before any important news in the train.

In the fourth week of January, we welcomed a new member in our group. Haresh Kaka. He was a veterinary officer in Gujarat government. He was in the last leg of his job. And he decided to retire from his job at Anand. Mahesh Kaka introduced him to us. He was also fond of movies but he was not a tech savvy person. He didn’t know how to download them or how to get them from others.

“Rishi, do you have any movies in your phone?” Haresh Kaka asked as I sat on my seat in the Anand memu.

“No, I don’t watch movies. So I don’t have any.” I replied while closing the window because of the cold wind.

“Then how do you spend your weekend if you don’t watch movies?” Haresh Kaka started getting personal.

“I play and watch cricket, hangout with friends, go to restaurants. There are a lot of things to do on weekends apart from watching movies.” I replied in a way that he don’t even try to get personal again.

At Maninagar, he asked for the movies from Mayank Kumar as he too was a big movie buff. “How will you transfer the movies?” Haresh Kaka asked Mayank.

“Do you have xender in your phone?”

“No. What is that?”

“It is an app through which we can transfer the files quickly from one phone to another.” Mayank Kumar gave the simplest definition of xender to Haresh Kaka.

“Here is my phone, download it and give me the movies.” Haresh Kaka gave his phone to Mayank. Mayank searched xender in the play store and then clicked on the download button.

“Rishi, instead of wasting your time on cricket, you should start watching movies.” Haresh Kaka was getting personal again.

“According to me, it is not waste of time. I feel cricket is much better than movies. Why should I stop playing or watching it?” I was trying to make him understand that everyone has its own choice.

“What do you get from cricket?” Haresh Kaka started pushing me.

“Cricket keeps my body and mind fit. It helps you in decision-making. It calm your nerves. It puts you in such situations which makes your mind sharp. I don’t think I will find these things in movies.” I explained him what I get from cricket.

“That’s your point of view. According to me, it is all about fixing and money.” Haresh Kaka was a difficult person to deal with.

“You are only seeing the negative side of it. Rishi is right. Cricket teaches a lot of things in life. Above everything, it keeps your body fit.” Mayank Kumar came to my rescue. Mayank also was a huge supporter of cricket like me. After hearing that statement against cricket, Mayank cancelled the download and gave the phone back to Haresh Kaka.

“What happened? Did you transferred the movies in my phone?” Haresh Kaka became happy thinking that Mayank transferred the movies in real quick time.

“No your internet speed is very slow. Play store is taking too long to download xender.” Mayank Kumar started ignoring him.

“So what? Let it take time to download. We have one and a half hours. Keep my phone with you. I will take it from you when there is a call.” Haresh Kaka was getting desperate for movies.

“No no, keep it with you. Download the xender from play store then I will give you the movies.” Mayank Kumar ignored him completely by putting earphones in his ears.

Haresh Kaka downloaded the xender from play store by himself and it completed just one station before Anand. When he tried to open it, it showed an error and crashed. He tried to open it again but it crashed again. On the third attempt, his mobile went off. Then he gave up on xender. It looked like even xender was upset with the Haresh Kaka for forcing us to oppose cricket.

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