Thirteen of the world’s twenty most polluted cities are in India. And as we are allowing and encouraging builders in cutting the jungle of trees and in creating the jungle of concrete, this number is only going to increase. The more we damage natural environment, the faster we move towards the end of the world. We always talk about air pollution outdoor and we feel safe indoor but is it only about outdoor pollution? Our homes are pollution free? Think again. The air inside your home can be 5 times more polluted than outside. There are various pollutants which makes the air inside your house polluted. Some basic indoor pollutants are as follows:

  1. Dust
  2. New mattresses and bed sheets
  3. Coat of a paint on the walls or furniture polish
  4. Smoking
  5. Air fresheners and laundry products with fragrance.


Dust is very basic and common pollutant at our homes. Dust comes in through air, through sunlight, through our shoes, through insects, through us etc. and pollutes the air inside our homes.

New mattresses and bed sheets

When we decorate our beds with new mattresses and/or bed sheets. They brings in some pollutants with themselves. They use some petroleum products to make and colour the mattresses and bed sheets and we get that smell when we put the new mattress or a new bed sheet on the bed for the first time.

Coat of a paint on walls or furniture polish

In paints as well, petroleum products are used which creates smell and emits chemicals which is harmful for us. Similarly, the polish used on furniture also pollutes the indoor air. It causes lot of health diseases in the long run.


If someone smokes at home then you also smoke with him/her. Only difference is, he/she is an active smoker and you (family) are a passive smoker. It directly affects the lungs and causes lung cancer. Smoking pollutes the air inside the home and when you inhale the air full of smoke of cigarette, it makes you a smoker. It effects your lungs as well.

Air fresheners and laundry products with fragrance

We use air freshener to create a soothing aroma inside our homes but those fragrances emit dozens of chemicals in the air which can cause adverse effects on our health. Similarly, the fragrance in our laundry products like detergents can cause the same problems because that fragrance also emit dozens of chemicals in the air which pollutes the atmosphere in our houses.

Sprayed air freshener in hand on grey background

These are some of the basic pollutants which makes air in our homes more polluted than the air outdoor. A lot of people would have no idea about these pollutants. They think their home is pollution free and they are safe inside. Reality is totally opposite. With these things, they are safer outside. There is a remedy to it. Apart from some basic precautions (which you should take), there is one product which decreases the indoor pollution.

Asian paints have come out with a paint that cleans air. It is called asian paints royale atmos. It is very different from other paints. Other paints cause pollution while royale atmos reduces it. Royale Atmos has activated carbon technology which reduces formaldehyde (a dangerous indoor pollutant). Moreover, it absorbs foul smells and releases fragrance. It is the only paint which comes with a fragrance (not the fragrance of petroleum products which a lot of people like). In short, it improves air quality within the home. So paint your home with asian paints royale atmos to get clean air and beautiful home.

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