The small council consisting of Lord Sachin, Lord Sourav and Lord Laxman got fifty-seven applications for the job of hand of the king. The small council shortlisted seven candidates and asked them to prove themselves. The little birds whispered the name of Lord Ravi of the house Shastri. Lord Ravi had history in his favour. He served well as the hand of the King. Thus, it was expected that he will get the job without any doubt.

*Gates open*


Small council has chosen Anil of house Kumble as the hand of the king.

The realm accepted the decision with loud cheer. Lord Anil in his playing days had served realm with loyalty and utmost faith. Lord Anil gave this kingdom a lot of moments to cherish, to celebrate when he went out to conquer. Thus, the realm accepted him as the hand of the king with open arms.

Lord Ravi was not happy with that decision. He was not able to accept the defeat. History books also suggests that Lord Ravi has never accepted the defeat gracefully. As a result, he started the rebellion stating “it is a biased decision. When I was proving my mettle, Lord Sourav was interested in solving other matters.”

Lord Sourav stayed quiet for a bit and tolerated this rebellious behaviour. Then, he brought his arms out and sent message to the realm, “Lord Ravi took this job for granted. Lord Kumble proved his mettle for two hours in the field with some great strategies and discipline. While Lord Ravi was enjoying the luxuries of life by the narrow sea (Bangkok). Lord Ravi is advised to accept the decision and bend the knee in front of the kingdom.”

At last, Lord Ravi accepted the decision and bent the knee in front of the kingdom.

The Ceremony

All hail, Anil of house Kumble, the first of his name, highest wicket taker, proven match winner and one of the best players to play the game. He is now the hand (coach) of King Kohli. He will serve as the hand for the next one year. And on the basis of his performance in this year, further decisions (on his future) will be taken.


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10 thoughts on “Cricket of Thrones: Appointment of new coach #SuperBloggerChallenge2018”

  1. Wow! A Game of thrones narrative for the selection of head coach..

    But I suppose this is in an alternate reality where justice triumphs!


    1. Kumble was selected as head coach for a year around the drama mentioned in the post. It is the start of the blog series. There is more to come. πŸ™‚

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