A lot is spent on the interior of the house. Interior designers decorate your house in a way you never imagined. In exchange for that, they empty your pockets. People always end up spending the double amount of amount of the estimate while renovating their home. Even after spending so much, people don’t get satisfaction. Within a couple of years, people start feeling that they made a huge mistake by spending so much money on the renovation. Half of the things used by interior designers remain unused and go waste. Wallpapers start coming out and the wood starts attracting termite. Soon the shape of the house starts changing. To avoid these troubles, here are the 5 things which you should keep in mind while renovating your house.

1. Less wood

Usage of wood has increased. Wood provides finishing and makes everything look good. There is one more characteristic of wood and that is it attracts termite and if your house is termite friendly then that look of the wood will be gone in a couple of years. These days, interior designers are using the wood in the ceiling as well to make the design of the ceiling attractive. But wood in the ceiling is not strong enough to bear the jerks and vibrations of the fan. So more often than not, there are chances of the fan falling down. Moreover, there is a risk of termite as well. Wood shouldn’t be used anywhere in the house except the furniture. Even the frames of the door are made of marble these days.

2. Avoid wallpapers

There is a trend of using wallpapers on one of the walls of the room. Interior designer insists to use the wallpapers on the main wall of the room but there is one problem with the wallpapers. No matter, how well they are stuck on the wall after some time they start coming out from the edges or in form of bubbles. It happens due to various reasons but when it happens it looks bad. Nothing can beat the colour on the wall. So the texture is the better option than a wallpaper. It solves the purpose of decorating the main wall of your room. And you can choose from various designs and colour as per your liking and taste.

3. Lighting

Lighting has become one of the best option to decorate the room. Decorative lights have its own market. Interior designers try to use or install all the types of lights in your house. LED stripes are used on the border of the bed, in the ceiling and on the border of wooden board for television. These are the common usage of LED stripes of different colours. Apart from LED stripes, there are ceiling lights, tube light and other decorative lights which are used in different parts of the house. Obviously, some of these lights are never used in the house. If you try to use all the lights then those lights generate heat and your room temperature rises. So rather than wasting your money blindly on lights on the recommendation of interior designers, think and install only those which are necessary and are enough to decorate your house.

4. Use bright colours

While renovating your house make sure that you use light colours on floor and on walls. It will make your house bright and light will travel in every part of your room and house. Dark colours on floor and walls consume light and make your room and house look dull. Use dark colours in furniture rather than on walls or floor. Dark coloured furniture will make a good combination of light coloured walls and floor. When there is brightness in your house, it creates good vibes. Seeing the brightness, people who are visiting your house also become happy.

5. Keep it simple

Trends change and changing trends make you feel that your house is old fashioned. Interior designers make you spend lakhs of rupees on your house and within few years, you start feeling that it has become old-fashioned. The best way to keep this feeling away is to keep it simple while renovating your house. Use evergreen colours, minimize the use of those things (like lighting and designs on walls) which changes according to trends. Use latest designs furniture and fixtures (especially electronic appliances).

You know your house inside out. Which area is highly affected by termite? Which walls are affected by rain? You have the idea about that, your interior designer will not think much about that. He/she will satisfy you at the time renovation to get his/her fees. But after a couple of years, you will feel that you have wasted money. So use your mind rather than blindly spending money while renovating your house.

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