My cousin sister was visiting for the first time since the birth of my niece. I was pretty excited to play with my niece. I went to pick her up from her house. She was ready and was waiting for me. I picked up her bags and placed them in the back seat of the car.

“Hello,” I said to my niece and she started crying. Then I started focusing on my driving. We reached home and the moment I took her in my lap, she started crying. My sister got out of the car and she went back in her lap. My sister came in and settled her. She became quiet, started smiling and playing with her toys.

Then my sister told me to play rhymes on YouTube to get her attention. I picked up my tab and played nursery rhymes on it. As soon as I played the rhymes, she started looking around to check who is playing those rhymes. Until I played rhymes, she pretended to be very busy. When she came to know that I have played rhymes in my tab then she smiled and came towards me.

I showed her the screen of the tab and she took the tab from my hands and sat on my lap. Slowly and gradually I took the tab away from her hands and started playing with her. I started making faces and she was laughing at them. Finally, she gelled up with me quite well. Meanwhile, my sister was making her food in the kitchen with mom.

Sister interrupted our play by bringing her food. Until the food was hot, my sister decided to change her diaper and clothes. As she was doing that, mom instructed me to get the towel from the cupboard but my sister told me to get her bag. She said she has wipes for baby in her bag.

As I gave her the bag, she pulled out the pack of mother sparsh water wipes. While she was changing her diaper and clothes, I asked her (out of curiousness) about water wipes.

“First, they are convenient during the outings where towels are not available easily. No need to carry big towels in the bag when you have these wipes. Second, water wipes are much better than normal wipes,” She replied.

“Normal wipes can cause rashes on baby’s body but these water wipes wipe away the rashes. Even if diaper or anything else is causing rashes on baby’s body then these water wipes keep them away as well. I have chosen Mother sparsh water wipes for my baby after checking the ingredients of different¬†brands. These water wipes as good as cotton and water. So it will not harm her body.” She continued.

My niece was smiling when my sister was cleaning her body with the water wipes. She loves water. She spends hours in the bathtub. So water wipes brought smile on her face.

“Since when you start taking interest in these things?” I was concentrating on the cute smile of my niece but my sister didn’t let me do that.

“I made an effort of bringing a towel from the cupboard and you didn’t even accept the towel that’s why I asked you about the wipes.” I started pulling her leg.

“Oh! You will be a father soon. Learn from me. These tips will be handy for you.” She started irritating me.

The conversation ended on a light note.

Actually, she was right. A small conversation on a small thing called wipes taught me that Mother sparsh water wipes are the best for the baby. And the best part is, my sister, informed me that these wipes are available on amazon as well.

So if your child is not happy with the wipes or if you are confused between the different brands of wipes then try mother sparsh water wipes.

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