After writing my first Life in Local Train during April A to Z challenge 2017, I always wanted to write on the genre which I feel is my forte, cricket. So my journey towards IPL-ology began.

Learnings from Life in Local Train

While writing Life in Local Train, I realized that to write a blog post every single day is a challenge. I used to write till 11:30 p.m. or even 12 at night (in April) along with my full-time job. I had a habit of writing while commuting when I was writing Life in Local Train in 2017. And that habit helped me in finishing the book on time.

In one year, the habit of writing while commuting was gone and it was really difficult to gain that momentum. So the second thing I learned after time management was, you need momentum to write the book. Third thing which I learned was the flow of writing. If you know how to manage time and you have the momentum then you will get that flow which is required to finish the book.

Beginning of Ebook carnival 2018

Blogchatter ebook carnival began in 2018. And with that, April A to Z challenge began as well. Cricket, being my forte, I thought it will be a cake walk for me. In the first chapter only, I realised that my own expectations are high. So I decided to research well before writing on any factor of IPL. And while doing that, I started staying behind the schedule.

Moreover, I wanted to write 1000 word blog posts. The factors or aspects which I decided to cover, needed a lot of research. Thus to write IPL-ology was more challenging than Life in Local Train. I had lost the time management skill, I was not getting the momentum due to research part and if I don’t know how to manage time and don’t have the momentum then how will I get the flow?

Then I started channelizing my energy. I decided to write five to six blog posts on weekends. By doing that, I got the momentum and flow. And with that flow, I finished the first draft of the Book by the first of may. Then I edited and published IPL-ology in the month of July.

This time I had added responsibility during ebook carnival. I was made an ebook mentor by blogchatter. So along with writing the IPL-ology, I was helping aspiring authors in publishing their ebooks. It was a special feeling and this gesture by blogchatter made IPL-ology even more special.

I have tried to cover each and every factor and aspect of IPL in IPL-ology. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Click here to grab your copy. Read it and let me know what do you think about it? You can let me know via Amazon and goodreads reviews or a blog post review (it will be a blessing if you give me the detailed review in a blog post).

You can grab copies of both the books here:


90 thoughts on “Journey from Life in Local Train to IPL-ology”

  1. I have read only a couple of posts of life in local train last year. Buthave already read IPL ology. I appreciate your writing style and it was good to read about what goes behind the scenes wheil you write

  2. Time management is one of the most important things for bloggers and writers. This is specially so for people who have other day jobs. Loved the way you explained how you came to terms with this skill.

  3. Hi Paresh
    I have always admired your commitment to any task.
    Congratulations on becoming an author. Looking forward to your posts 😀

    #MyFriendAlexa #indiabeautysecretsreads

  4. I remember reading couple of posts on Local train series, looking forward to this one surely.
    #MyFriendAlexa #gleefulreads

  5. Absolutely, momentum and flow of thoughts can come with regular writing. And when you are writing a book, you need all three. You cannot afford to miss out on even one factor.

  6. hi Paresh. what you said about time management is very true. Wanted to read your book but probably I failed in managing my time. Anyways I am glad atleast during this challenge will get to know more about your writings.

    1. Roshan, this doesn’t apply on you. Being a doctor, you are more active than me. Aap jo bhi likhte ho is hit, you win some or the other thing deservingly. This is for mediocre like me who deliver one or two good posts in a while. Your activeness and commitment inspires me. You have read my post that’s enough for me. Thank you and keep inspiring.

  7. I regret missing A to Z challenge. But I am lucky that I have friends around who gained lot of experience doing that challenge. A bunch of people to look up to.

    I have downloaded so many e-books that were published after A to Z challenge. One is yours. When I read it I will surely leave a detailed review on my Blog ☺️

  8. Congratulations Paresh. It was inspiring to know the efforts and determination that you have showcased in the process of being published author.

    1. Do read the book and let me know and Yes, I have mentioned God of cricket in this book and will mention him in my next one too. 😊

  9. I’m going to check out the book about IPL, not for me but my son. I wondered how he had precise knowledge about who’s playing who, who’s leading and all such stuff. He’ll love it.

  10. A well begun task is half done. That shows how valuable planning and organization is before execution. This is a valuable tip for bloggers who struggle with time management. Good luck on your journey, Paresh

  11. I need to learn how to manage time for blog writing. I can never write more than 1 blog in a day. Simply loved your enthusiasm and zeal to do something. I am not a fan of cricket but can definitely recommend your book to my cricket lover friends.

  12. I remember when I had a long commute I would end up reading so many books or watching so many series and now that my commute is only 20 mins each way I end up spending time on the smartphone. Good stuff!

  13. The word local train have bought me to this post…my first post in this challenge is some what similar to local train travelling in Mumbai but I am yet to post(crazy days that I could not complete & post) I would be glad if you read it..I am sure you will be able to relate to it

    1. I travel in bit relaxed version of local trains in Gujarat and book is based on that. Thank you brother for reading the post. 🙂

  14. I can totally resonate with the time management angle that you talk about. I also find it hard to find time to write being in a demanding full time job and I also have gotten into the habit of writing during travel. That said, iplology sounds refreshingly different, added it to my reading list.

  15. I never knew about this, totally new to me. I would love to read this one, infact will ask hubby to read it first as Cricket is his lifeline. We visit Wankhede and MCA Stadium for each cricket match 🙂
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa

  16. Such an inspiring journey, Paresh. Though writing a book is nowhere on my cards at the moment, but I totally agree that one needs momentum to write. 6 posts over the weekend is something phenomenal. With kids, job and household chores, it becomes really challenging for me at times to write for my site even. You managed it quite well with a full time job. Wish you immense success for your future projects too.

    1. Obviously, it gets difficult with kids. I have seen my sister’s struggle with just one daughter and you have to manage two. So I can imagine.

  17. I couldn’t agree more on the time management part. I feel stuck in that situation very often. Maintaining that momentum is a heft job for me sometimes.

    Checked our the front page look of the book Life in Local train. I am going to read it soon!

  18. I definitely need these tips to go through Alexa..I had struggled during A to Z in the previous year and did not even attempt it this year and here you you ended up writing 2 books… Awesome!

  19. Congratulations Paresh on your new ebook. Motivation to write a book is a great factor and blogchatter is doing great job.
    And your click here link at the end of the post is not opening.

  20. The journey has been tough but the result is worth it with your e-book. And yes, channelising your energy and writing on weekends help. Continuous writing gives us more time for research and adapting it the right way in the post

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