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E-commerce industry is very volatile. In the race of providing best service and products at the doorstep, even big brands are making huge losses. The current scenario of the market has reached a level where every day new websites are getting launched and along with that, a lot of websites are closing their operations every day. In such a situation, the websites who have survived the crisis are ruling the industry. Amidst all the chaos in the industry, three shopping websites are all set to give a tough fight to big names. They have survived initial years, now it’s time for them to take off.


Colorpur is the website which sells mobile cases, laptop bags, coasters and mousepads. It sells these products designed by thousands of designers. I am one of those thousands. I am working with them since last two years and the kind of quality (in the products they are selling) they offer, I doubt any other website can offer in the country. Tell me how many advertisements you have seen on FB, Twitter or Instagram of the websites selling customised cases in last two years? And just check how many of them still exist. Colorpur has survived these initial years because of the quality, designs and price they offer.

Moreover, colorpur designs are available for all the phones ever launched in this country. So you will easily get your favourite design even if your phone model is couple of years old. And to get the sells, they have tied up with Amazon. So you can find their products on Amazon as well. First and most difficult phase of colorpur is over. Now it is a way to go for them. You can check out my collection here.


Redesyn was launched with an idea of helping designers to launch their own label. It was launched as a community-driven platform in 2015. And today they have over 1100 designers selling their designs through the clothes made by them. Redesyn sells complete top wear in the clothing line. It includes vests, shirts, t-shirts, blazers, bomber jackets, henleys, joggers, hoodies and kurtas for men. And tank tops, t-shirts, kurtis, bomber jackets, blazers, summer dress, hoodies, tote bags and leggings for women. It has a complete range to choose from and along with the range, you get great designs as well. It has been featured in your story and this platform has shown great potential in raising the funds.

Redesyn has also said goodbye to initial phase and now is ready to take a big step forward in the fashion world. It will certainly give a tough fight to well-known fashion websites in the country. I am also part of redesyn designer community. You can check out my collection here.

The Souled Store

The souled store recently completed five years. In these five years, it has grown as the most promising shopping website. The souled store sells t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, mobile covers, backpacks, duffle bags, boxers, badges, mugs, magnets, socks, flip-flops, notebooks, posters, tote bags and hoodies. It works with a strategy to provide premium quality products at an affordable price and due to that, it has gained popularity in a short span. Where other websites have struggled in providing quality printing on cotton fabric, the souled store has mastered that thing.

They provide glow in dark t-shirts in the range of Rs. 500 to 550. I don’t think you will get that kind of glow in dark t-shirt (qualitywise) in that price anywhere in the country. Moreover, they provide official merchandise of all the superheroes, popular cartoons, WWE characters, popular films, T.V. series, stand up comedians and leading sports teams. If one gets his or her favourite character apparel at an affordable price and in premium quality, what else one want? It accepts designs of other designers as well but none of my designs are approved by them yet. Neither my designs have been approved nor I am paid for this then also I am promoting the souled store. Imagine, how much I love their work!

They are already giving a tough fight to all the leading brands and shopping websites in the country. I have bought a couple of t-shirts from them and there are 7 other t-shirts along with 3 backpacks waiting in my souled store wishlist. Click here to fall in love with them.

I can say that my shopping for the next two to three years is already planned. And surprisingly, it neither includes big brands nor well-known shopping websites.

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8 thoughts on “3 Not So Big Shopping Websites Are Giving Tough Fight to Big Names”

  1. Let me be honest, I haven’t heard of any of these sites, till I read your post! Looks like some amazing stuff at unbelievable prices! Surely checking them out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely adored your designs Paresh.So creative and inspiring.Have signed up to Redesign .Checking out other two.

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