Winter is coming. No, I am not talking about next season of Game of thrones, I am talking about winter season ‘the autumn’. In India, we end and begin every year with Winter. And we spend a huge amount of money to look cool in these four months of winter. So, according to me, it is important to choose right kind of apparels to look cool in the winter. Brands are out with their autumn winter collection and these are the apparels you need to have in your winter wardrobe.


The hoodie is an evergreen apparel, it never goes out of fashion. Only the designs and patterns of hoodies go out of fashion. Thus, it is very important to choose a hoodie wisely. Normally a hoodie lasts for three to four years. Keeping that in mind, if you choose a branded solid hoodie then it will look trendy all four years. If you want to go for a design then choose the most desirable or the most classic design of the brand. It will be an expensive hoodie but it will be the one which everyone wants to wear. Here are some hoodies which I like to wear (click on the pictures to buy any of them):

Bomber jacket

A bomber jacket adds a lot of coolness in your look. A slim, leather bomber jacket is the best you can have for the winter. Black or brown coloured (leather) bomber jacket takes your look to the next level. Other colours are also available in leather bomber jackets but black and brown colours look classy and are evergreen. These days printed bomber jackets are also available. And some of those designs look pretty cool. You have to choose wisely if you are going for a printed one because trends and designs keep changing. So the one you chooses might look old in sometime. Here are my recommendations for bombers:


There are some people who simply love the cool weather and the weather also doesn’t affect them much. Full sleeves Henley t-shirts are more than enough for such people. They wear sleeveless hoodie above Henley in an extremely cool weather. Rest of the season, solid coloured henley t-shirt is enough for them. Henley is perfect at the beginning and at the end of the season. Henley satisfies the purpose when the leaves have just started falling from the trees, when cool breeze has slowly started getting inside the house and when it says goodbye before the start of the summer. Here are my recommendations for some henleys:


Sweatshirt is the sofisticated name of sweater. Both, sweater and sweatshirt satisfy the same purpose. It keeps body warm and protects one from cold winds. With the passage of time, design, style and name has changed. Sweatshirts have become slimmer and warmer. Along with that, sweatshirts have increased the style quotient as compared to sweaters. I prefer solid colours or desirable designs (of a particular brand) in sweatshirts as well. Sweatshirt looks cool if you wear it on the shirt. I would recommend these sweatshirts:

Skull cap and gloves

I remember when I was in 9th grade, I used to hate skull caps as one looked 5 year old in those caps and we used to make fun of those (in school) who used to wear skull caps at that time. Then all of the sudden, skull caps were back in trend. Brands made some changes in the style and look of the skull cap and brought them back in trend. Today, when you wear skull cap, you look cool not childlike. The sole purpose of skull cap is to save the ears from the cold wind. When it satisfy that purpose and increase style quotient then why would one avoid it? A pair of Gloves become necessity when winter at its peak. At that time, hands become cold as soon as they come out of comforter. So to keep hands warm for the whole, a pair of gloves is must in the wardrobe. Here are some suggestions for skull caps and gloves:

I hope you are ready for winter.

4 thoughts on “5 Must Have Apparels in your Winter Wardrobe”

  1. This is a great list for winter shopping. You made it easy for me to select a birthday gift for my hubby as he is a winter child 🙂

  2. Hey Par! But the entire collection seems biased or rather skewed towards whats appropriate for lean and fit bodies. The guy here in my life just doesnt seem to look cool in any of these 🙁 Nevertheless, these apparels really are very cool

    1. Haha! It is not like that. The apparels which I have recommended are in general which suits everyone. And the colors also which I have recommended are those which looks good on everyone irrespective of size and age. Check out the different sizes in them.

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