It started few years ago when I came to know that Freecultr is offering an open platform to design. The base of my interest in designing was found in the clothes we wear. I always wanted to try my hand on the (casual) clothes which we prefer to wear on daily basis. Professional designers design ethnic clothes and formal wear which are for most important occasions of our life. And we spend thousands on that one outfit which we wear occasionally. We spend minimum on casual clothes which we wear day in and day out. So my motive behind trying my hand at designing on Freecultr was to express my taste in casual clothing.

I have been designing for quite a while now and the websites on which I put my designs are Colorpur, Redesyn and Threadless. Freecultr stopped its operations couple of years back. After getting the start from Freecultr, I found a lot of other websites and finally stuck to those from which I got better response and good faith to work with.

Redesyn and Colorpur are the Indian websites from which I got great response and Threadless is the US based website which accepted my designs with open arms.

On Colorpur, I design products like mobile cases, coasters and mouse pads. While on Redesyn, I design the whole clothing line. From blazer to joggers for men and from Kurtis to leggings for women. On threadless, I design all the products which comes under the head lifestyle.

And in these last two months of 2018, I am going to unveil all of my designs on the websites mentioned above. This is my project in Blogchatter projects season 2 and the name of project is Par God’s Designs.

Under this project, I am not only going to sell my designs but I am going to give whole range of casual options for the upcoming winter and wedding season. So set your budget and wait for my posts.

To get the updates and information on my project, follow the hashtags #ParGodDesigns and #ParGod on Twitter & Instagram.

On Facebook, like and follow my page Par God, to get the updates on everything I write and design.

30 thoughts on “Par God’s Designs”

  1. Wow this is really amazing..I had seen your posts on social media about it and had a curiosity to know more about it. it is really great that you are getting great response for your design and I also liked it very much. all the best for blog chatter projects and looking forward for all upcoming posts.

  2. That’s a great initiative Paresh. May all your future endeavors be successful. Will keep your creations in mind for any upcoming opportunity/collaborations.

  3. Woww this sounds really interesting Paresh. I didn’t know you love to design clothes. All the best and I can’t wait to see more.

  4. Wow, this is amazing. Kudos to you for taking your passion ahead and sticking to it. Will be eagerly waiting for your updates on designs. All the best to your project.

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