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I don’t know from where this trend of web series came out but I have watched some awesome web series in 2018. This year, we (internet users) were served with the bouquet of Indian web series. And some of them were as addictive as foreign web series. Talking about foreign web series, this year, I have given them enough of my writing time. And I have found a few awesome US-based web series which you must enjoy.

So the three must watch US-based web series are:

1. Jack Ryan

Amazon prime promoted Jack Ryan pretty well. And I would like to say it was all worth it because the show really has that substance in it. I haven’t seen Jack Ryan the movie, so I had no perception about what that character stands for? It actually helped me to get a fresh perception about that character. And that perception is:

Jack Ryan is an FBI analyst who decoded the terror attack on the basis of some unusual bank transactions and fought to stop it.

It is an action-packed web series and it gives you an idea of how the terror attacks are planned and decoded. Whether these work as shown in the series or not is a secondary thing. Primarily, this show will hit you on humanitarian grounds and will show you what humans do for their survival and power.

It is a prime original series, so you can watch it on Amazon prime only.

2. Suits

Probably, it is the best show I have watched this year. This web series revolves around the lawsuits which focus on the suits which we wear. It is a unique plot but more than the plot, its characters are more powerful. Harvey Spectre, New York’s top lawyer hires a rookie Mike Ross. There is a secret behind hiring Mike Ross. And to hide that secret, they break the law. Both Mike and Harvey go on with their careers and started giving the best possible deals to their clients. Mike met Rachel at the firm and he charmed her with his intelligence. And then began the chemistry of the series. Along with chemistry, the secret of Mike spreads and haunts the whole firm. How they find their way out. Watch the series for that.

The chemistry between Mike Ross and Rachel Zane is one of the reasons why one should watch this show. Apart from that, the portrayal of characters like Harvey Spectre, Donna, Louis Litt and Jessica Pearson also makes this show must watch.

There are 7 seasons of this web series. And it is available on Amazon Prime and Netflix both.

3. The Defenders

Superheroes are divided among different platforms. You won’t find them in one place. Most of the Marvel movies and web series are on Netflix. It won’t be wrong if I say that Netflix is home of Marvel. There is one generation of Marvel Superheroes which we know as The Avengers. They fight to save the world. On Netflix, there is another generation of Superheroes known as The Defenders and they fight to save the New York City. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredevil are the Superheroes in The Defenders who get together to save the city from a disaster.

This web series is beautifully made. It is exciting to see new Superheroes with different kind of superpowers. The best part of this show is how Marvel brings them together and of course, how they fight their way out.

The Defenders is a Netflix original so you can watch it on Netflix only.

According to me, these three are the must-watch US-based web series. Watch them to believe me.

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  1. I have seen Jack Ryan too. I would say it was fine not so much impressed. Need to check the other 2. I enjoy webseries as its finite and the plot keeps you hooked.

  2. My sister loves the series Suits. My husband and I have Defenders and Jack Ryan on our to watch wishlist. These are definitely right up our alley.

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