In this part of the world, people wear blazer either on their wedding day or on a special occasion of life. If they wear it daily then they are business tycoons. Apart from CEOs, Managing partners and high profile corporates, people wear the blazer on their wedding and few other events only. If it is your own wedding or the wedding of a family member then you spend money on a blazer or a suit otherwise, you just borrow the blazer and wear it for that important day. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like formals. I try to keep as casual as it can be. Even on the important events of my life, I prefer to wear casual blazer on casual clothes.

What is a casual blazer?

Casual blazer is something which is not matching with the other clothes we wear. In other words, the blazer which you wear on jeans and t-shirt is a casual blazer.

The trend of wearing a blazer on jeans and t-shirt started few years ago. People started wearing it on close friend’s marriage, gatherings, meetings and other casual events.

There are some awesome designs of casual blazers out there to take your casual look to the next level. I have also designed some cool blazers which are available on Redesyn.

Here, I am going to tell the story and thought process behind the designs of my blazers and it is for both Male and females.

1. Inner Lion

Inner Lion is a design in which I have played with lion. On the grey base, I have used the black lion. These colours go with everything and anything. Check out:

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2. Leafed

Leafed is my way of expressing go green. In this design, I have used dark green colour as a base and have put lot of white leaves on it. It is simple and looks cool. Check out:

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3. I love Beer

This design is dedicated to all the beer lovers. On the black base, I have put mugs full of beer in four different colours. This blazer is perfect for all types of cocktail parties and beer events. Check out:

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4. My world

My world is an illustration. On a white base, there is a revolving globe surrounded by wonders of this world and different modes of transports in black. This illustration is all over the blazer. Check out:

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24 thoughts on “Par God’s Designs: Casual Blazer”

  1. Wow loved this casual blazer style, they look super cool and I think they will add an instant stylish touch to your personlity. I liked inner lion most, thankd for sharing this interesting info, I will explore more about it.

  2. You have created some amazing designs in casual blazers. I personally like casual blazers as they can even be used to create semi formal looks for office parties etc. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am in ove with the concept of casual blazers. I thought they were called summer blazers because you could wear them during summers too. Love the designs. All the best with your project.

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