Before adopting the clothing style of western culture, kurta was the apparel which men used to wear on regular basis in this country. Now it comes under ethnic wear and is wore on the occasions, festivals and weddings. Younger generation wear kurta on the festivals such as Diwali and Navratri but older generations (our fathers and grandfathers) love to wear kurta either on the regular basis or on weekends. So here I present some quirky, cool and out of box kurtas to keep you one step ahead in the game of looking fashionable and different.

Inner Lion Kurta

Lion design is not only blazers, but it is also on every form of apparel. And Kurta is the best seller in that design. I think people love the combination of black and grey. Thanks to all those who have chosen this kurta. And those who haven’t, check it out.

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Leafy life Kurta

This is the same design as of Leafed in blazers. White leaves on green base looks even more awesome in the larger form. Remember, go green is the message behind this design. It provides you the opportunity to express your love for nature. Check out.

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I Love Beer! Kurta

This design came out of my mind when I heard the line ‘Tu beer hai yaar!’ At that time, I actually understood the importance of beer in the life of the people of my generation. And through this, I want you to express that love. Moreover, in this country a lot of people sit to drink alcohol after wearing kurta. So you must check this out.

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Around the world Kurta

Around the world is the actual name I thought of when I created this design. There revolving globe and around that all wonders of world, different modes taking you around those wonders. It just look amazing on white. Check out.

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Car Kurta

We (Boys) love to wear red. And cars excites us the most. So here is the design on red shade. I have put cars on the red. Red cars on the light red base looks lovely and classy. And this kurta show our love for cars. Check out.

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Play, learn and grow Kurta

This kurta express the philosophy of life. We play with lot of things in different phases of life, we learn from that and we grow. On off white base, there are some objects with which we play and grow in life. Check out.

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Small Triangles Kurta

There is no reason or story behind this design. Simply, there are different colours of small triangles on the dark blue and white base. Yes, this design of kurta is available in two colours. Check out.

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17 thoughts on “Par God’s Designs: Kurta”

  1. Wow again an awesome collection from you, personally I really like ethnic wears so much. ethnic wears add a unique touch to our personality. I like play grow and learn design so much. it is something that I had never seen before.

  2. Fab designs Paresh. Thanks for sharing. My husband wears subtle prints in neutral shades. Do you also have such collection in mind?

    All the best in this new designing career.

  3. These are some awesomely quirky designs, for somebody who could carry them well. I wouldn’t root for my husband to do so. But I really hope my biys will have it in them to pull these through.
    All the best for your project!

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