In this country, people actually got addicted to watching stuff online when Hotstar started streaming cricket matches on their platform. A lot of people visit Hotstar just to watch cricket matches but Hotstar is much more than just cricket. There is a whole lot of awesome web series on Hotstar which you can watch. You can get access to some (including the game of thrones) of that lot by buying Hotstar premium. While another lot of web series, you can enjoy it for free. Out of that lot (which is available for free), I have picked up three comic series which you must watch.

On Air With AIB

No one knows when controversy is going to strike on any of the AIB guys. And this show just increases the chances. I became the AIB fan after watching this series. I love ‘On Air With AIB’ because they cover that kind of news and topics which almost all the leading news channels in the country ignore. The best part is that they present that news in the funniest way possible. On Air With AIB not only make you laugh but it also gives you knowledge about a lot of things. News channels show rubbish things and spread negativity. While On Air With AIB brings a smile on your face by showing what’s going on in the country. Thus, I prefer On Air With AIB over any news channel and every news show.

Son of Abish

I know Son of Abish is available on YouTube but you might not be aware that only 3 seasons of Son of Abish are available on YouTube. The fourth season of Son of Abish is a Hotstar exclusive. And when you watch Son of Abish on Hotstar, it becomes more fun when you pick up one episode from season four and one from season two.

For those who don’t know what is Son of Abish:

Son of Abish is a chat show hosted by stand up comedian Abish Mathew. He invites different celebrities on his show and interviews them. And the way he interviews the celebs, he can turn your bad day into a good one. Abish Mathew got the fame with this show by bringing something new every season. So it is worth your time.

The SNG Shenanigans and Take a Break with EIC

Third must watch web series is not one, it is the combination of two groups of stand up comedians. I am an SNG fan because I am a Varun Thakur fan. Similarly, I am an East India Comedy fan because I am Sapan Verma and Sorabh pant fan. This doesn’t mean that other comedians in these groups are for the namesake. When you will watch these series, other comedians make you realise why they are part of this group. The SNG Shenanigans and Take a Break with EIC is a collection of best of stand up acts which you love to watch again and again. Not only stand up acts but Hotstar has also assembled some videos of these two groups under the two mentioned heads. So hop on to Hotstar and enjoy.

Hotstar also has the collection of a lot of other comedians as well. As I mentioned earlier, hop on to Hotstar and enjoy.


22 thoughts on “3 Must Watch Comic Series on Hotstar”

  1. Amazing and beautiful post. Superb collections of comedian TV shows. I like to watch on Air with AIB. This is very funny show to watch. Great thoughts.

  2. Aah I had no idea about Hotstar. Though comedy is not my favourable genre but I will still check out Hotstar for any thriller and suspense series.

  3. Frankly, I haven’t watched any of these shows but I guess it’s time I shift my focus a bit from Netflix and look around too. Thanks for bringing this post up, much needed change.

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