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In a very short span of time, we have come a long way from Smart Phone to Smart Home. Today, one can control everything in the house with a simple tap on the mobile screen. From lights to refrigerators, from T.V. to cameras, everything has become smart. Along with appliances, ways of getting fit has also become smart. These days, one can track how many steps he or she has walked throughout the day. People can also keep the track of calories they have burnt on the basis of exercises they are doing and the sport they are playing.

In short, we are in the middle of smart revolution which is changing our lives. If you look around, you will find at least one smart device in every family. In my life also, there are a few smart products and out of them, two are proving to be life-changing. These two life-changing smart products are fitness band and smart t.v.

Smart Fitness Band

I was overweight in my childhood but I lost the fat while I was growing up. My metabolism is such that my body gains weight very quickly and I can’t resist food. So to create a balance, I eat the food I love and exercise a lot to keep my body away from fatness.

While exercising, I love to keep the track of calories I am burning. On weekdays, I keep the target of walking 10K steps every day. And fitness band let me know whether I am achieving that target or not. On weekends, I play outdoor sports. While I am playing the sport, my fitness band calculates the calories I am burning during that time. In this way, fitness band helps in keeping my weight under control. In other words, smart fitness band has changed my life by keeping me fit.

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Smart T.V.

Though the title of the post is Smart Revolution but the biggest part of that revolution has brought in by home appliances. So it won’t be wrong to call it #SmartHomeRevolution. Not only appliances, but even the lighting has also become smart. For me, Smart T.V. has been the highlight of this revolution.

Smart T.V. has given me some great time with my family. I prefer web series and movies on different web platforms than shows on T.V. As a family, we sit and eat dinner together. At that time, smart T.V. helps me in playing movies and web series on different web platforms which entertain the whole family. And when we watch movies and different web series together while having dinner, it keeps our bonding strong and gives us great time as a family. So Smart T.V. keeps my whole family happy and gives us some great time together every day. In this way, smart T.V. has changed my life.

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Thus according to me, smartwatch (not fitness band) and smart T.V. are the smart products which everyone should use. According to one survey, nearly 40% of Smart Watches and assistants are sold through Flipkart. So if you are looking for smart wearable then check out on Flipkart and #GetFitWithFlipkart.

28 thoughts on “Smart Revolution”

  1. Smart devices are changing our lives in so many aspects. From smart homes to smart cities, everything is getting ‘smarter’. All this of course has a positive impact on the quality of our lives.

  2. yes, smart technology has been getting into our daily lives. I have been enjoying my smart TV and can’t think a day without it

  3. Smart devices have become essential now a days to ease our lifestyle and add extra comfort to the living. I love Smart televisions, smart watches and even smart cameras and heaters. Our cameras and heaters are controlled by our smart phones which is the best option in my opinion.

  4. With new technology we have many new devices and gadgets coming up..Smart fitness band is one of my favourite when it comes to tracking my workaround.

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