In that golden phase of life, marriage happens. These days new trend has started. Just before marriage couples go for pre wedding shoot. When it started, I was like it is awesome, this is the thing to do but with the passage of time pre wedding photo shoot lost its charm. My perception of pre wedding shoot is that it is done to celebrate the new relationship, it is done to celebrate togetherness and it is done to start a new journey in style. For me, pre wedding shoot is not kissing in front of the camera, posting it on social media and playing that video on reception. Lot of photographers force couples to kiss and they themselves post it on social media. Lot of couples also do it happily in front of camera and flaunt it on social media. I like to keep my personal life in the four walls of my house. I don’t like to share it on the walls of social media.

These days people spend a lot on weddings. If one is earning crores of rupees then there is no harm in doing destination wedding in grand style. But if one can’t afford a grand wedding then there is no need to show off. There is no need to lend money from market to do a big fat Indian wedding. It’s OK to save money for the future and do a normal wedding. There is one system of our society. To get respect, either one need to be a celebrity or one have to marry someone. If you are a mediocre then you have to marry someone to get respect in the society.

In marriage ceremony, bride and groom becomes the star of their family. Person who is getting married gets all the value he or she had ever thought of. Apart from that, there are a certain type of people in every marriage. Let me start with the families of a boy and a girl. In a marriage, both the families get busy in preparation, greeting guests, taking care of guests, looking after arrangements and performing rituals. In guests, there are certain types. They are as follows:

  1. Gossip Aunties
  2. Jealous Uncles
  3. Hungry People
  4. Nagging Relatives
  5. Frustrated Youngsters
  6. Really Happy People

Gossip Aunties

In every marriage, there is a group of ladies who sit and just gossip. They spread news about others by adding masala to It. No matter how imperfect their child is but they will always point fingers and laugh on others’ children.

Jealous Uncles

After aunties, its uncles’ turn. In every marriage, there is a group of men or a single man who is jealous of happy atmosphere, good arrangements and fun. These kind of people only find mistakes, misarrangement and taunt everyone around on the things they wear, eat etc.

Hungry People

In every marriage, there is a group of people who are there just to eat food. These kind of people form a majority specially at reception. They have nothing to do with the bride and the groom or the marriage. They are just there to eat. These kind of people do their job and leave.

Nagging Relatives

Some relatives in marriage simply enjoy nagging. They nag you to a point till you give them a rude reply or completely ignore them. If you will enjoy or will laugh at their nagging then soon they will be on your nerves. Beware of such people!

Frustrated Youngsters

Most frustrated people in the marriage are the friends and younger cousins (who are just one or two years younger) of the bride and the groom. They do most of the work in the marriage and all they get is nagging in reward. Thus, they think that the bride or the groom has dug the grave for them.

Really Happy People

If you remove the people of five categories above then you will get the people who are really happy for you. These kind of people will be there in every function till the end. They will dance madly in every function and will create the happy atmosphere around. This category may include some people from the categories above. These kind of people make your marriage memorable. Because of these kind of people, your marriage become a happy event.

After performing all the rituals and functions of marriage, the bride and the groom continue get their real value and respect in the society. Before marriage, people don’t even talk properly to the guy and the girl. They make fun of them and call them with names which they don’t like. After marriage, the guy gets a lot of adjectives like Kumar, Lal and Chand. And the girl gets the tag like kumari and rani.

Marriage is the key to get respect in our society.

This is the end of the first season of marriage and the society. I hope you enjoyed it. I will be back with the second season after my marriage as I need to experience more to write more on this topic.

16 thoughts on “Marriage and The Society: Marriage”

  1. Totally nailed it boss…..This is how an big fat Indian wedding looks like, sadly. Seriously, this has to stop somewhere. Parents spend so much on these weddings and rub it in their kid’s faces for the rest of their lives. This has to stop.

  2. It was interesting to read your blog post because I had the same discussion with my friends this morning. I was tickled by your line – you either have to be a celebrity or get married to get respect from society. So apt. Also the gossip aunties, jealous uncles, hungry people – had me in splits. Such fun. I’m visiting as part of the Blogchatter MyFriendAlexa challenge.

  3. Quite an innovative take Paresh.. thats a perfect list you pulled up.. the gossip mongers, single souls and those who are forever hungry. For me a few years post marriage I feel its a waste of money indulging in a lavish wedding. if I had to redo my vows I would love a group of close knit people and splurge on a good honeymoon than on a feast for others! #AksReflects #MyFriendAlexa

    1. Exactly do a grand destination wedding with only those people around who are really happy for you or as you said splurge on a good honeymoon.

  4. Brilliant take on the marriages today. I got married six years back and although I didn’t experience anything of this sort, I am kind of ontriginthow it would have turned out had we had gossip aunties and jealous uncles

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