After presenting Blazers, Kurtas, Kurtis, Summer Dresses and Bodycon Dresses, I am coming to something which we wear on regular basis or rather day in and day out. Yes, I am talking about t-shirts. I don’t have much idea about girls but we boys love t-shirts a lot. Guys do prefer shirts to hide their belly fat but end up wearing t-shirt before they go to bed. Simply because they are way more comfortable. Henley is actually a form of a shirt. A pullover shirt with 2-3 buttons is called Henley. With the passage of time, it became a form of a t-shirt as well. I may have talked about the preference of boys till now but here I am going to present t-shirts for girls as well.

In this set of apparels, I am going to show different colours and different designs.

1. Around the world

On t-shirts and Henleys, you will be able to see the illustration of the design which I have named around the world. I know I talked about different designs and colours but this is the only design which I have mentioned in the earlier post of this project. Check out.

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2. Leo

We have seen design inner lion till now but this design is called Leo. The colours on inner lion were grey and black but on Leo, I have played with blue and orange colour. Check out.

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3. Beer

In earlier posts, you saw I love beer design. In which you saw mugs of beer in different colours all over the apparels. There is only one mug of beer in the centre on the black shade in this design. Check out.

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4. Unicorn Dab

There is a misconception that unicorn is a girly thing. I own a bike called unicorn and have designed a design for guys in which unicorn is dabbing. In this design, there is a dab of a unicorn in white on a grey background. Check out.

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5. Out of this world

I have used two classic colours black and white in this design. There is an alien and a compliment or a slang (you decide) said in the coolest way possible. Check out.

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22 thoughts on “Par God’s Designs: Tee and Henley”

  1. I love these unisex tees…me and my brother often used to exchange clothes when we were small..these tees would bring those days back for us..

  2. Cool, loved the unicorn dab the most. I didn’t knew that you’re an amazing designer. These are quite different from the league, clean and elegant. keep up the great work.

  3. You have done these all? Omg…You are so talented. I love customized t shirt. Here the beer one is so good and yes, the out of the world design concept is an out of the box thought after all.

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